Men of the Year 2014

David Oyelowo


You may or may not recognise the name, but you will sure as hell recognise the man. Mr Oyelowo has been in some of the biggest films of the last five years – The Help, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Lincoln to name just three – and this year was no different. With roles in Interstellar and A Most Violent Year, David’s career seems to be getting bigger and better, culminating in a brilliant performance as Martin Luther King Jr. in the highly recommended Selma. As our very own Sarah put it, he’s come a long way since Spooks.

Chris Pratt


Whether he’s Fat Pratt or Six Pack Pratt, we’re smitten with the Parks and Recreation star – his turn as Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy has seen him go from (please excuse this next word) cuddly, cute comedy actor to bonafide box-office banger. And before you say it, no it’s not *just* his looks that have us hooked – Pratt’s hilarious performance as Emmet in The Lego Movie appealed to viewers of all ages and his voice was perfect for the earnest and enthusiastic hero. And good lord was it difficult to make a decision on which picture of him to use for this post. I spent HOURS researching…

John Boyega


Since the end of November, there’s only one film anyone has been talking about, and it doesn’t even come out for another year – Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. The trailer opens with a young man popping up on screen looking panicked and exhausted – that’s our John Boy(ega)! With a lead role in arguably the most hotly anticipated film of next year, we’re so impressed that the star of Attack The Block and Half of A Yellow Sun has seen so much success so early on in his career – and he’s still only 22 years old!

John Oliver


When Jon Stewart took a break from hosting The Daily Show this summer to direct his film Rosewater, he could have picked any of the show’s correspondents to stand in for him, and he chose the only British one. John Oliver did a fantastic job of hosting the show; he was already hugely popular with the audience, you could tell this from the rapturous applause he received whenever he hosted a segment. His brand of super-sarcastic, verbose humour was wasted on the absolutely dire Mock The Week, and he’s much better suited and appreciated in his role as a correspondent on a fake news show. Sure, he looks like a Jim Henson muppet come to life, but he actually did such a good job that he was given his own show on HBO, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which is similar to The Daily Show but with even more sarcasm and a British accent – what more could you want? And speaking of The Daily Show alumni…

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

This year, Stephen Colbert was announced as David Letterman’s replacement for when the talk-show king steps down in 2015. While the DTSFT ladies agree that it would be nice to see someone other than a white, middle-aged man hosting a late-night chat show, we’re still pretty pleased with the choice that’s been made. Stephen has come a long way since his days as a correspondent on The Daily Show, landing his own show in 2005, The Colbert Report, which sadly came to an end in December with a final episode packed full of callbacks to earlier episodes and a sing-along with his favourite recurring characters and guests. It’s going to be weird to see him hosting as himself rather than the conservative character (also named Stephen Colbert) that he has played for so long, but we’re definitely excited to see what he has to offer.

 Kailash Satyarthi


Along with Malala Yousafzai, Kailash was the recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize for his tireless campaigning for children’s rights. The access to education, which we in the Western world take for granted, has been a focus point for Mr Satyarthi, and his Nobel Prize was well-deserved.

Peter Capaldi


Here at DTSFT, we were delighted with the casting of Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor, as he made a nice change from the potato-faced Matt Smith. His turn as Mr Curry in Paddington also brought him to the attention of a new and younger audience, who will hopefully be tuning in to be utterly terrified by Doctor Who.  Mwuhahahaha!

Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie


Yeah I’m lumping them all in together because otherwise this post will go on forever – it’s the Captain America: The Winter Soldier gang! With Hannah’s insatiable lust for Sebastian Stan, there was no way the DTSFT ladies were going to leave this trio off the Men of The Year list. While we’ll have to wait for Captain America: Civil War to see the boys back onscreen together, you could check out ‘Playing It Cool’ for a cheeky helping of Evans and Mackie. We’re especially proud of Evans for his directorial debut, Before We Go, as well as his role in the dark action thriller, Snowpiercer – give it a UK release date, god DAMMIT!

Chadwick Boseman


Chadwick made waves last year with his role as Jackie Robinson in the magnificent 42, and it looks like the next few years are going to be no different for this versatile actor. After portraying soul legend James Brown in the biopic Get On Up, Boseman is set to star as the Marvel character Black Panther in not one but TWO upcoming Marvel movies – Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. Chadwick, you complete and utter BANGER.

Jack O’Connell


Unlike some actors who seem to love the limelight more than the craft, Jack O’Connell is a young actor who has worked hard at his talent and is finally starting to get some recognition. After making his name with a role in Skins and films like Private Peaceful and Harry Brown, this intense young actor’s star has continued to rise and this year saw him in three of the most talked about films – ’71, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Angelina Jolie-directed Unbroken. From interviews I’ve watched, he doesn’t seem all too comfortable on the chat-show circuit, which I think makes for a better actor – the less we know about him, the more believable he’ll be in his roles.


Puttin’ on the Glitz: Fashion & Film in the Jazz Age

At the end of March I attended an event at the British Library hosted by Amber Butchart and (Lord) Chris Laverty. I covered this event for Joe Kucharski over at Tyranny of Style and I’m posting the link here in case you haven’t seen it!


The event was great and it’s worth thanking everyone all over again. And, contractually*, I have to say how charming and handsome Chris is. Amber was perfection and wears a turban like nobody’s business.

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out the rest of Tyranny of Style.

S x

*not really.

Style Icon: Chris Pine

I watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit the other day and really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen any other Jack Ryan films, despite having wanted to, but feel that I should definitely check them out now. Thinking about Jill Taylor’s brilliant costume design for the film I started thinking about Chris Pine’s suits for public events. I haven’t included any that have been previously posted on the blog so check out the Star Trek into Darkness Roundup for more greats.


In one of Pine’s most recent red carpet outings we have another example of a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in Los Angeles. It is a very back to basics suit but it’s a perfect cut with simple styling – just a crisp white pocket square. This is smooth and sleek with no frills.


Back at CinemaCon in 2013 Pine wore this Z Zegna suit for the Star Trek into Darkness Presentation. The event isn’t particularly high profile and so a premiere type of suit is perfect – with Pine pulling the big guns out for the CinemaCon awards. Just like with the Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit it is a simply cut suit with the focus this time finding itself at his shoes.


Back in 2012 Pine wore another Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the London Premiere of The Rise of the Guardians. This time the styling hit a whole new level. Starting from the top down we’ve got a severely cutaway shirt collar (unusual and an interesting old-fashioned look), the light purple shirt with white collar, a purple paisley patterned tie (with a Windsor knot maybe not quite big enough to justify the severity of the cutaway collar…), then there’s the brown checked tweed suit, a purple polka dot pocket square and tan shoes. There is so much going on here but somehow it works. Sure aspects could be toned down a bit – the tie and a subtler collared shirt maybe? But Pine pulls it off and you have to applaud daring.


For the London premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Pine opted for another Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. I love this. The herringbone tweed cloth of the suit is perfect and so is the cut. No tie but we have another pocket square with a more obvious two point fold (yes, I looked that up). my favourite thing about this suit is the interesting slanted welt pockets on the jacket. So often jacket pockets are uniform that it’s nice to notice a difference.

CinemaCon 2013 - Day 4 - Big Screen Achievement Awards 2013

Here we have Pine wearing a Louis Vuitton suit at the CinemaCon Awards in 2013. Pine is one of the few actors in Hollywood at the moment who still regularly wears double-breasted suits. Have a think. This suit stays close to the blue and grey tones that work so well with his eyes and the blue tie does well to pick up those cooler tones and even suggest a light blue shirt – the stripes on the shirt also combine to that effect.

16th Annual GQ "Men Of The Year" Party - Arrivals

Back in 2011 Pine wore another Ralph Lauren Purple Label to the American GQ’s Men of the Year Awards. More Ralph Lauren, more brown tweed, another shirt with contrasting collar but this time we have a three-piece suit. No pocket square this time but I think I would’ve preferred one to the tie he’s wearing. Maybe there’s just too much brown and it needs a bit of lightening. I love the suit itself though.


Another double-breasted suit (whose designer I cannot find…) for the 2012 New York screening of People Like Us. Again we have a grey double-breasted suit – he seems to stick to grey or blue for his double-breasted outings. This suit is clearly a lightweight cloth, hence all the creasing, but it’s got a great subtle stripe and manages to make the simple outfit look more glamorous. The wonders of a well worn double-breasted suit. And I nearly forgot – an amber polka dot pocket square. Pine is never afraid to mix up patterns, even if this is just a small example of this. (And someone remind me to do a Style Icon post on Elizabeth Banks.)


Just to end out the post we go back to the 2010 Met Costume Gala where Pine chose a Polo Ralph Lauren tuxedo. The richness of the colour of this tux just pulls me in. Plus the satin lapels, the crisp white pocket square and the general fact that it isn’t black.

S x

Red Carpet Watch: 10 of the Best from the Golden Globe Awards 2014

I know last year we had a RCW dedicated to the Golden Globes but… well it’s all been done already hasn’t it? I was stuck at work so decided instead on my favourite best dressed men and women. This list has moved and changed and I’m already starting to change my mind again… This doesn’t bode well but let’s just get started:

5. Evan Peters


The lines of this tux are perfect for Peters’ slight frame but my main reason for including it has to be the colour. As you’ll see from a number in this list I like when tuxs move away from the traditional – not that there’s anything wrong with that though. This suit works great when contrasted with Emma Robert’s elegant black dress. The colour keeps the youth factor.

5. Michelle Dockery (Oscar de la Renta)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The shape of this dress is just perfection and helps to work against any lingering ‘Lady Mary’ thoughts Everything has been paired down to let the lace with gold detailing shine through. Maybe she could’ve gone a bit wilder with the shoes but it’s a very elegant and understated look.

4. Michael Fassbender


I love the cuffs. And there’s a pocket square. That’s all I have to say really.

4. Allison Williams (Alexander McQueen)


This is another elegant and understated dress and yet very different from Dockery’s. Another example of letting the dress speak for itself. This highly covered up yet very sexy dress.

3. Chris Hemsworth (Dolce & Gabbana)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Hello 1970s. Midnight blue velvet tuxedo jacket? Nice. Three-piece suit? Good job. Pocket square? Tick. Pocket watch chain? You’re just all kinds of cool Hems.

3. Olivia Wilde (Gucci)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

This dress would look amazing with or without pregnancy bump. You don’t have to wear a “sack” when pregnant but you also don’t have to do a Kate Hudson. Obviously this won’t always work (not everyone has Gucci to custom make a dress for them) but it’s just a thought/reminder?

2. Jared Leto (Saint Laurent)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

This one keeps alternating with top place but it’s too late now. This is all about the smooth, slim lines, the trouser braid and the evening scarf. Just like with Hems flashing some old-school glamour, we have Leto. Who I wouldn’t have expected that from. Bravo.

2. Amy Adams (Valentino)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The bodice of this dress looks super revealing until you flash back on the costumes Adams wears in American Hustle and then it feels like she’s covered up. The dress does a nice job of combining that ’70s flowing vibe with contemporary fabrics, and the contrast of barely there bodice with long and full skirt. And it’s red. This dress was definitely a grower and its still growing.

1. Matthew McConaughey (Dolce & Gabbana)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Green velvet waistcoat AND green velvet tuxedo jacket? Brave McConaughey. Brave. But I think it works. It helps that Camilla Alves isn’t wearing a brightly coloured dress to compete with his colour. It was his night after all.

1. Taylor Schilling (Thakoon)


I just love this so much. I can barely explain why. The colour, the lace detailing, the flow, the fact that it reminds me of THAT green dress in Atonement? It was my favourite of the night. (And I just realised that my two favourites are both green. I’m not usually such a fan of green. My mother will be so proud.)

Because there were so many great choices I’ve had to include some honorable mentions:

Idris Elba


He only missed out due to the lack of tie. Formalities can’t hold Elba back.

Lizzy Caplan (Emilio Pucci)


It’s Deco, it’s modern, it’s sleek, it’s sexy, I want it.

Chris Pine (Ermenegildo Zegna Couture)


If you’d have accessorised just a bit more… But you can’t deny it’s a perfectly tailored suit.

Laura Dern (Roberto Cavalli)

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Just appreciate the cut, flow and overall elegance and drama of this dress.

And, obviously, Diane Keaton.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Because it’s Diane Keaton. And she’s wearing a suit. I love her.

Those were my personal favs (yes, I missed out lots of good ‘uns) – what were yours?

S x

He Could Get It…Lee Pace

lee hcgi

WHY? We’ve had the delightfully ghoulish with the excellent series of HCGIs for Halloweek (The Gentlemen being my personal favourite), but now its back to perving over more heavenly creatures.

I have seen Lee Pace in the flesh. Not close up sadly but we were in the same room breathing the same air and so we’re technically married. He really knows how to sit on a chair, you guys. He sat the hell out of that chair.

He’s like a real life Disney prince but with a personality and minus the horse-drawn carriage. And at 6′ 3 Lee’s height game is on lock, so he can do cool stuff like…like reach top shelves and…and bend slightly when he walks in your room. Yeah, that stuff.

I’ll be seeing The Desolation of Smaug mostly for him, now. If you’re going to kneel to one formidable, otherworldly king this year, forget Loki – make it Thranduil and his insane swordplay.


He Could Get It Horror Series… Leatherface

Known to carry big things if you know what I mean – and by ‘big things’ I mean a chainsaw; check this power tool-wielding son of a bitch out, seen here with his big-ass mallet.


Let’s face it, ladies, everyone likes a complicated guy. We think we can change them, so if you’re looking for a project, LF is your man.  Tall, dark, and unusual looking, he’s a family oriented man who had had the benefit of a southern upbringing – we’re talking traditional family values, okay?  But while he’s a traditional guy, he’s also kind of kinky – never seen without one of his masks, I think we can all agree that this guy is a role-playing fiend.

He’s quiet and shy, and protective of his possessions – but ladies, that could mean you.  He’s the kind of guy who’ll defend your honour if he sees someone else encroaching on his property; don’t be surprised if he chases away competitors with a chainsaw.  Haha, oh Facey, you so jealous.

He Could Get It Horror Series…Dracula

You can keep your Twilight and your Vampire Diaries.  Here at DTSFT, there’s only one fanged finey we want sucking on our necks…


You see that popped collar and that baller pose? Your man ain’t got shit on Dracula, son.  You could spend your life wishing you were as dope as this suave motherfucker, but you’d never come close.  His pet hates are religious zealots and French food, and his idea of the perfect night out ends in him getting some quality time with your jugular – and ladies, he doesn’t glitter in the sunlight. No man has ever looked this good in a cape, and with his slicked back hair and intense, frightening stare, I think you’ll find it hard to resist his charms.