WARNING: This blog contains nuts

Hello, and welcome to Damn, That’s Some Fine Tailoring (or DTSFT for short), a blog entirely dedicated to fashion, costume, books, hot men, film, TV, hot men, random silliness and hot men. Did we mention that there are hot men? No? Well, there are hot men. And many of them are in suits.

Named after a phrase we like to use for anything awesome, DTSFT was created by four lovely lasses who like to stay up until ungodly hours on Twitter, and we hope that you’ll enjoy perving browsing through it as much as we will making it.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the things we’ve got up in hurr:

Fashion – we’re no Anna Wintours, but we’ll be sharing with you our unique/awesome/cute/quirky/downright ridiculous fashion finds. We also have our thoughts on all things dress-up as well as tips and advice on how to make things yourselves.

Costume – we’ll look at costume design within film, TV and theatre – whatever takes our fancy really! Also, relevant books, exhibitions, events, anything costume related we’ll try to include.

Red Carpet Watch – don’t know your Marchesa from your Elie Saab? Neither do we. But if it looks hot, we’re all over it. We pick out our favourite outfits from film premieres and the biggest award ceremonies

Books – we’re not just a pretty face, you know! We absolutely love books, and we’ll be sharing our reviews on books of every genre, from popular classics to ones you may not have heard of

Film and TV – we live and breathe it, so you’ll find our thoughts and comments on the latest films, shows and episodes a lot around here. We’re pretty hardcore on all things Marvel too, so expect a lot of news on Chris Hemsworth’s hair the upcoming films and sequels from the universe. We also share our views on TV shows we love (and love to hate!)

MEN – we’ve got ’em by the truckload! Dressed up (there is nothing more exquisite than a man in a nice suit) or dressed down, if they look fine as hell you’ll find them here. Our regular features include:

Superhero Saturdays – we post pictures of the hottest super-humans this side of the galaxy

Happy Nolan Day – every Monday we post a picture of the silver-tongued, sexually ambiguous tech-billionaire Nolan Ross (played by the beautiful Gabriel Mann) from the hit US show ‘Revenge’ and his fantastic outfits

He Could Get It (or HCGI – we like our acronyms around here) – quite simply, it’s your weekly fix of men who could, well, get it!

Aaaand, that’s it for now! We’ll probably add more features as we go along, but that’s pretty much the gist of things around here. So take a look around and see what you think. We really do appreciate your comments too, so please feel free to leave some (we also accept cookies, internet points and sacrificial offerings).

Have fun! And remember – you have been warned!

(Published 14/7/12.)


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