Saturday Special: ‘Spice’ and ‘Nina St Tropez’

Two weeks ago I was finishing up two weeks of work at Orion publishers in London. The final day started with a meeting that had caused a lot of stress for the earlier weeks but when to end the meeting there was food. And such food.

Numerous books from different genres are published by Orion but the food enjoyed after that meeting was provided by Dhruv Baker and Nina Parker.


Dhruv provided the main meal with dishes from his book ‘Spice’. I was happy that they weren’t too spicy because I don’t think I would’ve coped! The food mixed cultures so we had some Indian based dishes (like dahl) alongside truffle arancini (Italian and as delicious as they sound). This combination is very prevalent in society today but that doesn’t mean it’s always done well. Here is was.


‘Spice’ by Dhruv Baker (Published 3 July 2014)



To end the “meal” (if Dhruv’s food wasn’t enough!) we had three cakes by Nina Parker. There was a lemon and passionfruit tart, a chocolate and walnut cake and a Grand Marnier cheesecake topped with crushed pistachios. They were delicious (well, the passionfruit tart had run out before I had the chance to try it but I think that speaks very highly of it!) and would work well for any event.


‘Nina St Tropez’ by Nina Parker (Published 5 June 2014)


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the books – I’ll definitely be buying them!

S x


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