Happy Nolan Day!

Hey Revenge fans!

Firstly, I’m sorry I haven’t written a post in the past two weeks, I’ve been busy at work and when I got home I was too nakkered to do anything. But never fear! It’s back, and Nolan brought out the glad rags again for Emily and Daniel’s wedding shower.

hnd 1

hnd 2

hnd 3

He went back to the smart blazer and fancy scarf combo, which I really love – the decorative pattern on the scarf adds a bit of sophisticated glitz to what would have been just a smart suit.

Nolan’s also been rocking the lounge wear pretty hard. Since his split with Patrick, his emotional state seems to be reflected in what he wears: he’s just thrown on anything that is comfortable for moping around the house in, and there are no jazzy Nolan flourishes, just plain, block colours. But as plain as they are, they still go together quite well, which shows that he is still fashion savvy. If he’s going to feel depressed, he might as well look good doing it!

hnd 4

hnd 5

I hope Nolan finds somebody again soon, preferably someone who isn’t a traitor or a murderer – I can’t deal when he’s like this! 😦

‘Surrender’ airs on Monday 3rd March at 9pm.


P.S. WHAT a comeback at the end of this week’s episode!


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