Saturday Special: Potatoes Dauphinoise

Another Saturday Special has come around again, and with the quite frankly apocalyptic weather we’ve had in the UK recently, this recipe is a perfect winter warmer.

I took this recipe from the BBC Food website but I’ve edited it a bit, which you can do too according to your taste. I usually make this on Christmas Day, as it makes a great accompaniment for meat (and you can make it again on Boxing Day with any leftover roast potatoes), but it’s perfect for any cold weekend.

You can check the website link above for exact quantities, but I usually chuck in as much or as little as I like.


You will need:

Potatoes (obviously), any good roasting ones

Double cream (I usually put in lots)

Garlic, roughly chopped



1. Butter a baking tray or greaseproof dish (I use a plan dish because the fluted edges makes it look pretty)

2. Chop the garlic and set aside

3. Peel and slice the potatoes (cut them lengthways so you get bigger slices) and place some at the bottom of the dish. Then sprinkle over some of the garlic. Then put a layer of potatoes on top, then some more garlic etc etc until you get to the top

4. Pour over the double cream (my favourite bit!) so that it fills any gaps in between the potatoes.

5. Season with salt and pepper

6. Put in a hot oven (for about 45 minutes) until golden brown and bubbling on top

An easy recipe with little preparation, and one that you can just shove in the oven and forget about for a while. Enjoy!



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