Style Icon: Chris Pine

I watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit the other day and really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen any other Jack Ryan films, despite having wanted to, but feel that I should definitely check them out now. Thinking about Jill Taylor’s brilliant costume design for the film I started thinking about Chris Pine’s suits for public events. I haven’t included any that have been previously posted on the blog so check out the Star Trek into Darkness Roundup for more greats.


In one of Pine’s most recent red carpet outings we have another example of a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in Los Angeles. It is a very back to basics suit but it’s a perfect cut with simple styling – just a crisp white pocket square. This is smooth and sleek with no frills.


Back at CinemaCon in 2013 Pine wore this Z Zegna suit for the Star Trek into Darkness Presentation. The event isn’t particularly high profile and so a premiere type of suit is perfect – with Pine pulling the big guns out for the CinemaCon awards. Just like with the Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit it is a simply cut suit with the focus this time finding itself at his shoes.


Back in 2012 Pine wore another Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the London Premiere of The Rise of the Guardians. This time the styling hit a whole new level. Starting from the top down we’ve got a severely cutaway shirt collar (unusual and an interesting old-fashioned look), the light purple shirt with white collar, a purple paisley patterned tie (with a Windsor knot maybe not quite big enough to justify the severity of the cutaway collar…), then there’s the brown checked tweed suit, a purple polka dot pocket square and tan shoes. There is so much going on here but somehow it works. Sure aspects could be toned down a bit – the tie and a subtler collared shirt maybe? But Pine pulls it off and you have to applaud daring.


For the London premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Pine opted for another Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. I love this. The herringbone tweed cloth of the suit is perfect and so is the cut. No tie but we have another pocket square with a more obvious two point fold (yes, I looked that up). my favourite thing about this suit is the interesting slanted welt pockets on the jacket. So often jacket pockets are uniform that it’s nice to notice a difference.

CinemaCon 2013 - Day 4 - Big Screen Achievement Awards 2013

Here we have Pine wearing a Louis Vuitton suit at the CinemaCon Awards in 2013. Pine is one of the few actors in Hollywood at the moment who still regularly wears double-breasted suits. Have a think. This suit stays close to the blue and grey tones that work so well with his eyes and the blue tie does well to pick up those cooler tones and even suggest a light blue shirt – the stripes on the shirt also combine to that effect.

16th Annual GQ "Men Of The Year" Party - Arrivals

Back in 2011 Pine wore another Ralph Lauren Purple Label to the American GQ’s Men of the Year Awards. More Ralph Lauren, more brown tweed, another shirt with contrasting collar but this time we have a three-piece suit. No pocket square this time but I think I would’ve preferred one to the tie he’s wearing. Maybe there’s just too much brown and it needs a bit of lightening. I love the suit itself though.


Another double-breasted suit (whose designer I cannot find…) for the 2012 New York screening of People Like Us. Again we have a grey double-breasted suit – he seems to stick to grey or blue for his double-breasted outings. This suit is clearly a lightweight cloth, hence all the creasing, but it’s got a great subtle stripe and manages to make the simple outfit look more glamorous. The wonders of a well worn double-breasted suit. And I nearly forgot – an amber polka dot pocket square. Pine is never afraid to mix up patterns, even if this is just a small example of this. (And someone remind me to do a Style Icon post on Elizabeth Banks.)


Just to end out the post we go back to the 2010 Met Costume Gala where Pine chose a Polo Ralph Lauren tuxedo. The richness of the colour of this tux just pulls me in. Plus the satin lapels, the crisp white pocket square and the general fact that it isn’t black.

S x


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