Happy Nolan Day!

Season 3 of Revenge is well on the way, and this week’s episode was about colour, as Nolan Ross worked it out in two very lovely coloured blazers:






I absolutely love men in colours. I think it’s very confident, daring and sexy. Now, I’m not saying that men who wear dark colours aren’t any of those things, but I think it’s great when men experiment with colours (not that I’m an expert or anything, but it’s pretty darn hot).

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I feel that Nolan’s style has evolved somewhat from season to season. In Season 1 it was very eccentric and in your face, but know it’s become more sophisticated and subdued, but there are still accents of that eccentricity that is typical of his character.

Having said this, I did notice something else that he wore that – dare I say it – I just wasn’t diggin’…


This neck scarf…I don’t know. It looked a little out of place and it just wasn’t working for me. Try again, Nolan!

A side note: loved loved LOVED Emily’s look for the magazine launch party – so cute!


‘Dissolution ‘ airs on Monday 10th February at 9pm on E4.



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