Happy Nolan Day!

Yes, that time has come around again already, it’s time to look back on last night’s episode and find out what Nolan Ross has been rocking lately.

Well, first and foremost, we have to discuss *that* dressing gown:


Unlike the one he had on in Season 1, this one was a lot shorter (sorry I couldn’t grab a full length shot) and a lot sexier (just like his bedfellow there). But similar to the one he wore last time, it has a unique pattern, almost vintage, and we know Nolan likes to wear patterns!

But this was only half as cool as what he wore later:



BOOM. Red trousers. I would love to own a pair of red trousers, as I love to wear colour (red being my favourite) and it makes a change from the usual black or brown when going to work. This has only increased my desire to get some!

And finally, I’d like to give a mention to this hat that Victoria was wearing at the start. It’s nothing short of glamourous. She’s definitely the Queen of the Hamptons wearing this kind of crown!


‘Confession’ airs on Monday 20th January at 9pm on E4.



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