Happy Nolan Day!

Revenge made an explosive return last night with ‘Fear’, which of course means the return of Happy Nolan Day! And I’m very pleased to say that Nolan Ross still holds the crown for Best Dressed.

But before I go into that, I just want to mention something…




The moment when Nolan SHUT DOWN da party with a spectacular parachute jump right in the middle of the lawn. Awesome.

Anyhoo, back to business. I really really loved the yellow jacket that he wore. Yellow is a beautiful colour but can be tricky to wear, but if done right it looks amazing, and Nolan got it spot on by teaming it with neutral clothes. The jacket has become the ‘centrepiece’ of the outfit.


I also really loved the checked jacket he wore towards the end. We don’t see him in that many patterned jackets but I just loved it on him, the size of the ‘checks’, the colour, everything.


I would also like to give a special mention to the dresses that Emily and Ashley were wearing at the garden party. Absolutely stunning.


Can’t wait to see what else Nolan has in store!

Episode 2 (‘Trust’) is on Monday 13th January at 9pm.



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