DTSFT’s Women Of The Year 2013

Whodathunkit? 2013 is nearly over and a new year is soon to begin. But before we head on to 2014, we’ve picked out a few lovely ladies who deserve a big mention for OWNING IT this year. (You can also check out our Men of the Year post here).



That Beyonce reign just won’t let up! Earlier in December she proved to everyone once again that she is indeed the Queen when she released a new and self-titled album out of nowhere (which is a very refreshing change from her usual R&B anthems), along with music videos for every song. It’s definitely worth a listen/look, but below I’ve posted a link to my favourite track, a raunchy and glittery disco hip-shaker called ‘Blow’:


Lupita Nyong’o


Unfortunately ’12 Years A Slave’ isn’t released until January over here in the UK, but I’ve been so intrigued by her (with her stunning face, sweet personality and flawless fashion sense) that she had to go on the list! Can’t wait to see her in ’12 Years A Slave’ and any other roles she is offered – which I’m sure will be a lot.

Sam Bailey

sam bailey

Just like Strictly Come Dancing, I watched X Factor when I said to myself that I wouldn’t. It was as dreadful as I expected, but there were a few notable acts (Rough Copy, Tamera) but Sam Bailey stood out the most for me. Her voice is incredible, and I think she’s the best X Factor winner since Leona Lewis. I just hope Cowell doesn’t screw her over! Best of luck for 2014, Sam!

Laura Marling

Remarkably splenetic … Laura Marling

Oh Laura, Laura Marling, folk music darling. Laura released her fourth studio album in 2013 to much critical acclaim.  She seems to get wiser and more confident (not to mention more American sounding, but we forgive you, Laura!) with every album, and if she sounds this good at the ripe old age of 23, can you imagine what she’ll be putting out at 30? It makes you wonder how she could possibly sound this amazing and write such beautiful, original songs, and yet someone like Taylor Swift can amass a legion of fans by releasing the same whingey song over and over. Long live Laura!

Amy Adams

amy adams

She gets a place on our list for being the Lois Lane to Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent, and absolutely smashing it – but to be honest there is nothing that she can’t do!

Kerry Washington

kerry washington

2013 was definitely Kerry Washington’s year, with her TV show Scandal continuing to enthrall viewers, a Screen Actors’ Guild nomination, a Golden Globe nomination, numerous magazine covers and making a very special appearance as host of Saturday Night Live. Not forgetting to mention her scene with Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained, which, despite the darkness of the film, was quite sweet and funny.

Marion Bartoli

marion bartoli

Marion won this year’s women’s Wimbledon final this year, but what made her even more awesome was the way she dealt with those BS comments about her appearance. The only thing she wanted and cared about was winning the trophy, and she achieved her goal. ‘Nuff said.

Sandra Bullock

'Gravity' Photocall - The 70th Venice International Film Festival

‘Gravity’ was on one of our favorite films of the year, and as pretty much the sole character in the film, Sandra Bullock gave a great performance. Perhaps another Oscar is on the horizon?

Elsa from Frozen


OK, so she’s an animation, but we feel that she is a great model for us girls. She’s confident, has an incredible singing voice (courtesy of Idina Menzel) and she loves to dress up to make herself feel good and not solely to get male attention. We hope to see more inspirational Disney princesses like Elsa in the future.

Happy New Year!



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