Style Icon: Diane Kruger (Part Two)

It’s been a while since a post about anything so I thought we could ease back into it with a look at fashion favourite Diane Kruger leading on from Part One. (I said this would happen…)


Wearing Chanel Couture. Kruger has always been a supporter of Chanel who, in turn, have always been a supporter of her. This is an example of why. At first glance the dress is just ok but then you look at the construction and the real beauty of it shines through.


(Jason Wu) Tuxedo jacket. What am I not going to like here? She’s got the pleated front shirt with a bow tie but before you worry that the outfit is too masculine you have mini shorts and some full on heels. That’s how you mix femininity and masculinity.


More Jason Wu. This shows the mixture of volume that evens out a look. We’ve got tapered trousers (ankle length to show off those great heels) with a peplum at the waist (not a big fan of peplums in general unless worn properly – here we have yes), then a flowing blouse. It’s covered up but in no way school marmish or unsexy.


This may be my favourite thing ever. Jason Wu once again. This jumpsuit plays up to the ’50s vibe (with Kruger’s hair adding to this reference) but the ankle length adds modernity and means that Kruger’s stiletto (’90s vibe) shoes are on full show. Really, for me, this is all about the hair and the bodice section of the jumpsuit.


Wearing Jenny Packham and the best accessory (*cough* Joshua Jackson *cough*). The dress is unusual in its flow and pattern but I love the way it works. The belt at the waist adds shape and the gathering at the neckline (with only sheer fabric) adds an unexpected subtle sexiness.


The structure of this Prabal Gurung dress is incredible. The construction makes the dress look almost architectural and the weight of the fabric adds to that. The flashes of red contrasted with the black and white are a great touch (obviously I’m going to like them). This dress is just incredible and I love it.


Some more Prabal Gurung but this dress couldn’t be more different from the earlier dress. This dress is all about the texture and I am completely fine with the mix of lace, flower embellishment and feathers. This is probably due to the muted colours meaning that the decorations themselves are not too ostentatious… And the feathers are left to dominate the dress – there is a clear “winner” and the rest isn’t competing.


More Prabal Gurung and more embellishment. This time it’s all about sequins in varying strength. The layering of sequins adds a texture to the dress, necessary due to it’s basic shift dress cut, and adds further interest. Also, because of the sequins used, the dress never strays into cheap “sequin dress” territory – this isn’t something you’d be able to casually pick up on the high street. Add the sexy nature of the sheer base fabric revealing itself at the sleeves and the hem? J’adore.


Vionnet is always a winner. Always. At first glance the dress looks very restrained with its simple shape until you realise that the blue lace on the skirt is just that. Lace. This slight touch of edginess brings this dress to modernity while still referencing the drape that made Vionnet so famous in the ’30s. Plus that blue is perfect.


Before Angelina’s leg there was Kruger’s. I know which I prefer. Jason Wu at the Met Costume Gala is a complete winner. We have more embellishment but again it is perfectly executed. The embellishment on the bodice (skin-tight bodice) contrasts beautifully with the flow of the long black skirt. The slit in said skirt then contrasts perfectly with the covered up bodice. (Yes, it’s a nude coloured bodice but Kruger never feels “exposed” here in any way.) The dress is super sexy but also, as you’d expect from Kruger, classy as hell.

S x


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