He Could Get It Horror Series… Patrick Wilson

This week we’re doing a series of horror themed HCGI posts, focusing on the beautiful men who have graced the screens in some of our favourite horror films. I realised there’s no male equivalent (to my knowledge) of the term ‘Scream Queen’, so I came up with a few that really don’t work:

Bellow Fellow

Cry Guy

Holler Baller

Look, I’m not a wordsmith, okay?  Let’s just get on with some droolin’.


Awwww yiss, time for some Wilsony goodness.  No relation to Frumpy-Face and Wonky-Nose, Patrick Wilson has been a busy bee recently, but perhaps his most notable role since his turn as Nite Owl in Watchmen has been as Josh Lambert in the Insidious franchise.  Poor little Patrick, his perfect face was set in such a worried expression for so much of that film, but he did crack that gorgeous smile a few times – although if you’ve seen the most recent Insidious film, you’ll know he has some really scary looks going on, great stuff.

I’m not going to ignore the fact that he appears to be in a battle with Rihanna over who has the biggest forehead but Patrick’s the kind of considerate guy to let you scribble your shopping list up there, or just reminders to get you through the day. He’s a keeper, okay?


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