Saturday Special: Banana Loaf

The first time I made this was when I was at uni and my reasons were simple: I had overripe bananas and wasn’t prepared to waste them. (Yes, I went on to buy a loaf tin and so spent more money than I would’ve “wasted” throwing the bananas away but it was an INVESTMENT!) My reasons for making a banana loaf this week were… exactly the same. I do love banana loaf but it is best made with overripe bananas and you don’t tend to buy them that ripe unless you plan that well. I don’t. But anyway, the recipe was from ‘The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook’:

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 08.18.32

I had a few issues with greasing the side of the tin (an older tin that my brand new uni bought tin) so one of the sides didn’t come out particularly cleanly and I’m still getting used to our fan-asssited oven so the loaf took a fair bit longer to cook… I don’t blame the recipe for this, I’m sure it’s my fault.

banana loaf

Good luck with baking!

S x


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