DTSFT Men’s Column #17 – Catfish

 This week’s heartfelt letter comes from Donald in Rochester, and in this day and age I think that his situation is one that many people can relate to.  He raises an important issue that is certainly very timely, and so we all owe Donald a round of applause.  Donald in Rochester, we salute you.


I have been emailing and Facebooking with a girl for about 12 weeks now, and even though she apparently lives only a few miles away, she doesn’t want to meet up and won’t send me pictures, apart from the ‘modelling’ shots that are on her Facebook page.  What should I do?  Do you think she’s a catfish?

Also, I’d like to ask that you could grant me anonimity if you ever post my question on your blog.  It is really vital that I remain anonymous, just in case things get… you know… out of hand.




Er, well that anonymous letter there from Donald an anonymous reader raises a good point.  Let’s start by addressing your fears, friend.  If you’ve been contacting your lady friend on Facebook, I doubt she’s a catfish. I mean it’s a basic scientific fact that fishes do not have access to the internet and their fins deny them the dexterity to use devices such as smartphones and keyboards, so there’s no way they could possibly sign up for Facebook.  Similarly, if you’ve been looking at this girl’s photos, surely you’d notice that instead of a normal back she has a dorsal fin, and the pouty suckermouth would also be a giveaway – although given that most females these days favour the duck-face in photos, you could be forgiven for letting that one slip past you.


Your letter actually reminds me of a TV show I watched the other day that was called ‘Catfish’, and it was totally misleading; it wasn’t even about catfishes, they just lied and used that as the title when in fact the show was about people lying on the internet and tricking people into thinking they were something they’re not.  Pretty ironic, don’t you think?



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