DTSFT Men’s Column #15 – Transition


Good day to you, DTSFT readers, on this fine, grey English afternoon.  It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that we had the beautiful summer weather, but the seasons are turning once more in that ever spinning circle of life, and autumn is upon us.  Damn, that was some poetic shit, man.  This week’s question comes from Barry in Belgravia, who writes:

“Hi DTSFT, I need your advice.”

That’s what I’m here for, Barry, ask away.

“Every summer, I see everyone walking around in their skimpy summer clothes, basking in the hot weather with their flesh on show, and each year I can’t help thinking of how much I want a female body. I mean, I really want a female body, if you catch my drift.  Now that the weather is changing and the leaves are shedding their trees, I think it is time for me to embrace the season of change and accept what I really want deep down, to find myself, and hopefully by spring, people will see me in a new light as the woman I was supposed to be.  So do you have any tips for getting through this transition?”

Barry, say no more.  What you’re looking for is a good quality transitional coat that will get you through those awkward periods between summer and autumn, and autumn and winter.  Firstly, I’d recommend checking out ‘FashionBeans.com’ and their article on the subject.  I mean, there are loads of styles you could try for your transitional coat, and if you really want to (as you put it) ‘find yourself’, you can’t go with something like this:


But there are options for the more sporty gent, you could try something like this:


Thanks for your question this week, Barry. I’m not really DTSFT’s resident style expert, but I feel satisfied with the answer I’ve given you, and I’m so excited that someone actually wanted my advice on a style-related query.  Hopefully people will start seeing you as the woman you were meant to be!


I have just realised that the ‘transition’ you were referring to isn’t the seasonal kind.


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