5 Mashups to Make Everyday Feel Like a Party

Now that’s quite a statement and I don’t think these mashups will necessarily back it up but… 5 mashups that are pretty good didn’t sound as powerful.


Mashups have been around for (according to Wikipedia) over 50 years in some kind of form. Recently they’ve been launched into the zeitgeist again through Glee or Pitch Perfect and music awards… None of these seem like hardcore dance events but mashups were always popular in clubs and these newer showings just mainstream them. So I’ve got five that I love for various reasons.

1. 212 Vs Bust a Move

Pitch Perfect revived my enjoyment of mashups particularly with this one. I hadn’t really heard any of Azealia Banks (yep, be ashamed) but I love Bust a Move (be ashamed?) so this mashup hit all the marks. I’ve linked to an extended version of the mashup.

2. I Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My Head

I unashamedly love Blue Monday by New Order. Therefore, this is amazing.

3. That Got Mashed Tonight

I discovered The Jane Doze recently and am in love. This is my current fav of their mashups. Check them out – they have loads.

4. Girls Just Wanna Fix Up

Cyndi Lauper vs Dizzee Rascal? Should this be as good as it is? I don’t know…

5. Journey Without You

Ok so I’m still not fed up with Don’t Stop Believing (I blame this) but my main reason for including this was to give another mashup author? artist? group?

Maybe we’ll find some more great mashups and do this again but until then, dance your troubles away!

S x


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