He Could Get It… Gary Carr

I’m going to level with you, guys.  I don’t watch Downton Abbey.  I just don’t buy into the whole costume drama, with the old fashioned language and the m-who the fuck is that?


Oh, him? That’s Gary Carr, BITCH. Gary’s joined the cast for the next series of Downton Abbey and while it would take me simply a few seconds to Google who his character will be, I refuse to draw my eyes away from this beautiful creature. Look it up your damn selves, I don’t have time for your nonsense.  Look at this man.  LOOK AT HIM.  That’s not the flash from the camera or any tricky editing that makes the brickwork around him fade out, no, that’s the shining light of Gary’s handsomeness, it’s blinding.  You wish your man could rock a black vest like that.  Yeah, well keep wishing.

I think Downton Abbey just got interesting… and sexier.  Julian Fellowes has said that in order for the show to be historically accurate with their representation of different ethnicities and cultures, they should really include an Indian.  I know the perfect half Anglo Indian fat girl for the job.  Call your sister and we’ll sort something out.


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