Saturday Special: Espresso Martini

This is a “recipe” that I wanted to make for myself for two reasons. 1) I love me a martini and 2) I love me some coffee. I had one at a bar when I was at uni (it was a special deal at a cocktail bar; nothing more) and fell in love. Some previous research led me to see that most included Kahlua and this was a sticking point until I eventually bought some. (Used in the tiramisu recipe a few weeks ago.) A number of recipes included white creme de cacao but that was just another ingredient for me to buy. All was going poorly until I discovered this super simple recipe via So what is this super simple recipe?

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add:

1 measure of vodka

1 measure of Kahlua

1 strong espresso.

Shake it and you’re done. You can add espresso beans to the top but I don’t have beans and would probably have choked on them anyway.

Espresso Martini

(I should probably have shaken a bit more to get more foam but not too shabby for a first try.)

I really enjoyed the drink (as did my parents who don’t drink vodka) but, if anything, the sweetness of the Kahlua came through a little too much for me. I might try again and either increase the vodka, decrease the Kahlua or add some gin (as numerous martini recipes have both vodka and gin). One sticking point for Joe Bloggs to make this cocktail (besides the Kahlua) is the espresso. I’ve mentioned that I happen to have access to a coffee machine but, like with the tiramisu, really strong coffee would probably work just as well… Let me know if you’ve tried it that way!

Drink away*!

S x

*but, you know, responsibly. And don’t blame me for any texting/emailing/[insert social media activity here] under the influence.


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