He Could Get It…Peter Capaldi

[Insert sonic screwdriver joke here]

[Insert sonic screwdriver joke here]

WHY? This might piss off a few conservative Whovians who are dead against fangirling over foxy Time Lords, but to those people I say: your mums. Peter Capaldi could get it eight ways to Sunday.

I rarely agree with Steven Moffat on ANYTHING, but when he described Capaldi as ‘arresting looking’ I found myself nodding sagely. He’s not pin-up hot on first glance, but look at him a little longer and pin-up hot is exactly what he is. He’s like a fine, vintage wine I want to spend a sunny afternoon getting drunk off of in a field of daisies.

Delightfully, zestfully Glaswegian with tousle-able (deffo a word) silver hair, the piercing stare of an eagle and the gravitas of ten Clint Eastwoods, Capaldi’s run in the TARDIS could not come soon enough for me.



4 thoughts on “He Could Get It…Peter Capaldi

  1. I know him from torchwood, Dr. Who and In The Loop, and enjoyed him in all three.
    I’m glad moffat didn’t hire another kid, and hopefully Capaldi will bring something we aren’t expecting.
    Who knows, maybe I’ll even forget how keen I was on Idris Elba getting the role.

    • He is a great actor – can’t wait to see what he does with The Doctor! Idris Elba would have been good, but isn’t he too busy being considered for James Bond now? – @thatmissdeen

    • No you are not alone, Ruby! You are among friends when it comes to Capaldi’s rugged, unrelenting beauty.

      @thatmissdeen x

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