Saturday Special: Tiramisu

So far we’ve given you a main course and cakes but I thought I’d go back to that first post and give you a dessert to complete the meal. I know tiramisu is a “classic” and also that, unless you’re Italian or a TV chef, you generally won’t have a lot of these ingredients hanging around. But if you do? Make this. Super simple. It’s stirring cooking. The recipe I used for tiramisu was from Antonio Carluccio’s book ‘Simple Cooking’ (a Christmas present from years past).

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 18.37.40

My initial reservations stemmed from the amount of coffee used for briefly dipping the biscuits – 400ml seems like a lot! And a waste… With this in mind I made half but had planned to make the rest of the recipe in full until I realised we had 250g of mascarpone cheese rather than 400g… half the recipe it was. This turned out to be perfect. The dessert was for three people clearly using smaller ramekins than Carluccio did! It turned out great and we enjoyed it.

Changes I’d make? Well we didn’t even need the 200ml coffee with 2 tblsps Kahlua. I think I’d make a smaller amount and just make more if necessary. Also, not everyone will have a coffee machine. “I” have one because my Dad has one. That is rarely used. The recipe would definitely work using really strong cafetiere coffee or even instant. If you must. The main ingredient that people are unlikely to have is the Kahlua. Maybe Tia Maris is more likely but I got Kahlua because I wanted to make espresso martinis… Another possible note is regarding the sponge fingers. Savyord biscuits are the really posh ones I think but we have super cheap basic sponge fingers for trifles. The sponges worked fine unless you left them in the liquid for a few seconds too long. So you make the decision but either way they’re gonna taste great!


Happy stirring cooking!

S x

P.S. There is a slightly different Carluccio tiramisu recipe on his website here. Slight being the word.


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