My Current Addiction

My “new” addiction? Rediscovering Veronica Mars. Being from the UK I’ve had the pleasure of seeing VM shown on TV… once? I think. On E4 when I was at uni. At stupid times during the day. And that’s it. Then there’s the brilliance of its lack of UK DVD release. So when I knew I was going to be forced to “take it easy” for a few days I thought, screw it I’m buying a VM R2 release on Ebay. Done. Granted it didn’t show up until after my rest period and it’s now considered “lazy” if I spend all day on a sofa watching VM.


Various DTSFTers have reservations over Kickstarter projects and I totally understand and to some extent agree with, but I am still a backer of the VM movie. But as far as I’m concerned my donation will pay for itself with the T-shirt, DVD and other stuff I got. Yes, I don’t get a profit from the film or a free ticket to its release but, who knows if the film will even get a release over here?


The best thing about the Kickstarter movie? The publicity VM has got. Especially in a country that didn’t really have it air or, if it did, in a very very low key manner. So how can I encourage people in the UK to watch VM? I don’t know. Illegal downloads? Maybe it’s on iTunes? Fix your Netflix to receive the USA shows? I really would encourage you to watch any way you can. I love it. I wish I were as cool as Veronica, Keith, Mac, pretty much any of them. And another show where you fall for the character against your better judgement? And the character rather than the actor? I won’t go spoiling but I’m sure you’ll get there too.


Want some “spoilers” for the show? You can watch the first look trailer for the movie (I don’t think there really are any here…):

And, you know, this is just awesome:

S x


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