Style Icon: Ryan Gosling

After a little break (I’m still recovering from knee surgery so cut me some slack!) I’m returning with a different Style Icon. Back in OCtober Sarah focused on Gary Barlow but I’m here looking at GQ’s favourite man ever (besides Cary Grant): Ryan Gosling*. Whatever you think of Gosling (should he be a new HCGI?), there’s no doubting his ability to wear a great suit. Here is a selection of my favourites from the past few years.

Wearing Ferragamo at Cinema For Peace at Cannes in 2011 Full disclosure? I’m not too sure about the white shoes but I can let that slide overall. The care that has gone into this outfit should be commended. The check on the Ferragamo suit is brilliant – I love it. Gosling is never afraid to move away from traditional black or navy blue suits and this is a great example. Everything else is very simple so that the look isn’t overpowering and fussy. Plus, you gotta love the glasses.

Wearing Gucci for the New York premiere of 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' in 2011 Another non-traditional suit, this time a Gucci. Again we have a slim cut suit with accessories paired down to allow for the striking check. I think the shoes might be suede and this kind of makes me love them even more…

Wearing Nicolas Ghesquière at the Cannes photocall for 'Drive' in 2011 Now a show-stopping burgundy Nicolas Ghesquière tuxedo for Cannes. The cut is similar to the previous two suits – he knows what shape works for him. And, again, no real accessories apart from a lovely bow tie. It’s yet another example of Gosling’s classic, simple elegance.

Wearing Burberry for the Los Angeles premiere of 'Drive' in 2011 Here we have a navy blue Burberry suit but the real shining stars of this outfit are the socks and shoes. There aren’t many actors that would wear visible red socks to a red carpet event. Complete with loafers so there’s no chance of missing them! At this stage it feels a little redundant to talk about the great suit and its slim fit…

Wearing Ferragamo (with a Lanvin shirt) at the 2011 Golden Globes A full on velvet Ferragamo tuxedo. Sometimes having that much velvet can be overpowering but Gosling wears it simply. Of course. The velvet lapels are a little disconcerting if only because you can’t really see their definition. Would a pocket square have killed him? Just to lighten it up a little?

Wearing Gucci at the Toronto International Film Festival Premiere of 'The Ides of March' in 2011 Another example of avoiding the traditional. For me, the lapels are a tad too wide. Not by much but they jut seem more prominent than lapels on his other suits. This could be down to the edging stitching and essentially be an optical illusion…

Wearing Gucci at the Hua Hin International Film Festival in 2011 Smart, slim, slick. What else is there to say?

Wearing Gucci at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Gangster Squad' in 2012 This burnt orange Gucci three-piece took me a while to like. But it really is a great, unusual suit and the three-piece vibe is perfect for the Gangster Squad premiere. Dress for your event!

Wearing Gucci at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Ides of March' in 2011 Green? If you say so Gos. It works. This is possibly the only man who could pull off a Gatsby-esque pink suit in real life…

Wearing Ferragamo at the Cannes Film Festival of 'Drive' in 2011The pièce de résistance. Ferragamo. Blue tuxedo. Satin lapels, satin covered buttons, satin pocket welts. Red socks just revealed. Super shiny black shoes. Shirt studs. Midnight blue (?) bow tie. What’s not to love?

S x

*No proof of this statement whatsoever.


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