Saturday Special: Sausage, cider and potato pie

Order up!

Welcome to our new Saturday feature, Saturday Special. Hope you’re hungry because this is all about food.  This largely won’t feature a lot of healthy food (it may do occasionally…), so if it’s calorie-counting you’re after don’t let the door hit you in the Slendertone on the way out.

To kick us off I’m putting a pie in your face. I made this sausage and cider creation a few months back and it turned out a lot better than I expected as you can see from the picture. Pies are awesome. Good pastry is an absolute must and it isn’t hard to make from scratch like I did here.

Even made the leaves myself. Ball so hard.

Even made the leaves myself. Ball so hard.

This particular creation was a recipe from a book called Pieminister: A Pie For All Seasons . I strongly recommend that you buy the book – having made this pie, I plan to. It’s full of tasty, wholesome goodness. Like, really hearty shit that makes you feel like a Stepford wife when you’ve made it. I was crimping edges like a damn pro. You got nothing on me.


The ingredients are easy to get hold of, however you should be willing to spend a bit extra on the sausages for this to taste as good as it can. Plus, you don’t need to use all the cider, which means there’s some left over for cookie when you’re done.

Serving it with peas and gravy went down a storm in the @thatmissdeen household.

I didn’t use suet pastry. I made a shortcrust pastry and it worked just as well. I think ready-made/pre-rolled pastry would be fine too.

The taste of the apples, onions and cider with the sausages was IMMENSE. ‘Nuff savoury goodness.


ONE slight criticism though, the filling had a lot less sauce than I would have liked. It wasn’t supposed to be a particularly gravy-laden thing, but I quite like sauce. If I were to make it again I’d probably add more cider. Or perhaps a less dry cider. Maybe I done goofed while baking it. Anyway, more gravy.

Recipe is as follows:


@thatmissdeen x


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