Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon!



That’s right, yer man K-Bac is 55 years young today – and you know my only rule is that “he must be younger than my mum”, right KB?  Well, sucka, you fall into that category, so get your ass to South LDN so we can fall into ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (geddit?).

6-pack degrees of separation

6-pack degrees of separation

He’s six degrees of sexy, he’s worth more than A Few Good Men, and also… something something Apollo 13.

Look, he can rock a wife-beater…


…but he’s not a wife-beater…

kevin-bacon-03 (1)

…and that just makes us love him more.  Happy birthday, Mr Bacon, you’re smoking! (Okay, I’ll stop now)

Oh, but did you think we wouldn’t include this?


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