Red Carpet Watch: The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2013

There haven’t been many RCW posts in a while…sorry. And this one is pretty late but after seeing some of the outfits (via Vogue) I thought it was worth having a late post to include my favourites. L'Wren Scott wearing her own design As the party was hosted by L’Wren Scott and Sarah Jessica Parker there were numerous counts of Scott’s designs being worn. But when you’re the designer of course you’re going to wear one of your designs! This is definitely not a dress to wear to fade into the background but that’s never been Scott’s style anyway. This dress is ostentatious and over-the-top and I love it. The black sequin panel detailing is great and references the ’20s and ’20s and who doesn’t love that? Karen Elson wearing L'Wren Scott Karen Elson’s L’Wren Scott dress is a very interesting choice for her. Purely because she is so naturally pale that this very light gold dress barely registers. It’s the white swirls that make it pop and the red detailing on her shoes that pull the whole outfit together matching the brightness of her hair. It’s a risky look but I really like it. Kate Moss wearing a Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket Kate Moss makes this list mostly because of that Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket. I’m very predictable like that. It works great against the floor-length flowing dress. Yes, black is a little obvious for Moss and this is meant to be a summer party but as we’ve had about two days of summer I guess we can let her off for that. Leah Wood wearing Just Cavalli At first glance I didn’t like Leah Wood’s Just Cavalli dress but it’s really grown on me. I was initially drawn by the jacket (of course) and the way that the sharp lines work against the flared hem of the dress. And I really like the pale colours. I don’t even mind the white heels – probably the gold heel has sold them for me. It stops them from looking too “90s Essex”. Hayley Atwell wearing L'Wren ScottDo I need to justify inclusion of Hayley Atwell in a L’Wren Scott dress? Really? The cut of the dress, the pattern, the shoes, Atwell. Sold. Joanne Froggatt wearing L'Wren Scott This is a very simple L’Wren Scott dress for Joanne Froggatt but as we’re used to seeing her in a maid’s costume it’s nice to se anything else. The cur of the dress is classic but when you actually look at the dress and see the beautiful embroidery you can completely understand Froggatt’s choice. And I don’t mind the shoes. Quite like them… Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Naeem Khan The Great Gatsby may have left cinema screens but its presence is still felt on the fashion circuit. Here Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a Naeem Khan dress. That’s right – not a L’Wren Scott dress. The ’20s style dress works perfectly for Parker’s figure. And it does look great – a much simpler outfit than we’re used to seeing Parker wearing. Especially when you think of her Carrie costumes and choices that directly connected with Carrie. Clara Paget Clara Paget wearing a leopard print maxi dress. I love it. That is all. Jessie Ware wearing L'Wren Scott Jessie Ware’s L’Wren Scott ensemble might be a little matchy-matchy but it kind of works becuase of the ’50s vibe it gives off. I think what could be getting in the way is the matching clutch. A plain coloured bag would keep the attention on the dress and jacket without hurting your eyes so much. I applaud the bravery though. And she does look great in the dress with its amazing print and wonderful cut. Portia Freeman wearing L'Wren Scott Portia Freeman wearing a L’Wren Scott dress that is fairly different from the other Scott dresses chosen. Another black dress (pretend it’s summer?) but this full-length dress definitely fits into the evening dress category more than a maxi-dress summer dress category. The best points of the outfit are the lace detailing at the neckline, the gold panel on the clutch and those bright green nails. That’s where summer comes in. Georgia May Jagger wearing L'Wren ScottA red sequin dress (L’Wren Scott) worn with Georgia May Jagger’s classic red lipstick. What’s not to love? Well, the shoes maybe…but I’m always picky about shoes anyway. Like many of the Scott dresses worn, the cut of them is fairly simple but well constructed leaving the print or design to take over. The dresses can be worn by pretty much anyone without looking too overpowering (except maybe Scott’s own choice). These were my favourite dresses from the party but there were a number of other great dresses but they just didn’t make the cut! S x


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