Variations On A Suit: Wearing Colour

A classic black suit is nothing short of dapper, but now and then it’s good for a fine fellow to give their threads an injection of colour. Observe and swoon below:

andrew garfield dtsft

Andrew Garfield is looking seriously hot in this fitted red suit and cherrywood shoes. The shade works well with his fair skin and he’s added an extra boost of red with the shirt stripe. Very smart cazj.

chris pine dtsft

Grey isn’t black, but it’s still a standard suit colour. However Mr. Pine has added little touches of royal purple with his tie and cheeky polka dot pocket square, both of which are of different textures which keeps it interesting.

christoph dtsft

OK, so this is a magazine shot (GQ) but it’s a good example of what I mean and hey, it’s Christoph Waltz! Again, blue suits are worn many times, but you can switch it up a bit by mixing darker shades with brighter ones (as shown here with the cute skinny tie). Also, a pair of classy Horatio-Caine-in-CSI:Miami shades is a bonus.

gabriel mann dtsft

Had to put my main Mann in here. Gabriel Mann hardly ever does black, and he has given us another good example of accessorizing non-black suits with colour. The colours seem to blend together rather than match, which is what I like.

Django Unchained - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Jamie Foxx has definitely cranked up the colour in this Oswald Boateng suit. Purple is certainly a tricky colour to pull off for suit, but here he’s done it effortlessly. The turquoise blue shirt is also very striking. And the man just oozes confidence – perhaps that’s why it works so well.


It may be from a film, but Jay Gatsby/Leonardo DiCaprio has shown that coloured suits don’t always have to be bold. A nice subtle shade like this pink colour also works just as well.

"The Matrix Revolutions" Premiere

I said that purple is a tricky colour, but I think it comes second to orange. Oswald Boateng’s (wearing his own design, no less) suit is verging on bizarre – but I really like it. The suit isn’t too bright a shade and the tie tones everything down. And again, he looks confident and comfortable in it, as if to say “Yeah, I wore orange, what of it”?

r patz dtsft 2

I KNOW. Who on earth would have thought that R-Patz would show up anywhere on this blog, let alone in this post. But I’ll be honest, he looks good here in this blood red (geddit?) suit…

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" - Los Angeles Premiere

…and again in this emerald green one. The man has style, I can’t deny it!



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