He Could Get It…Guy Pearce

Denim AND fierce eyewear? Is it my birthday?

Denim AND fierce specs? Is it my birthday?

WHY? Forty-five ‘n’ finer than a mofo, Guy Edward Pearce has the most glorious, sunshine-y smile.  His silken, ear-petting Australian accent aside, he genuinely comes over as a really personable chap. He likes walks, Armani suits, Nivea moisturiser and to P-A-R-T-Y. Add to that the fact he’s one of the most blisteringly talented actors out there on the grind today (Lawless, anyone? MILDRED PEARCE, MOFOS?) and looks like THIS IN A T-SHIRT HOLY HELL…

guy arms

…and you’ve got one fine specimen of a man.

G-G-Guy (hnnnnnnnnnnnngh he’s got me stammering now) seems to exude a laid-back charm that pulls you in. It gives the impression that whether you went dancing or down the supermarket, you’d have one heck of a time. Plus, he has a seriously BOSS collection of eye-wear.

guy 1 guy 2 guy 3 guy 4 guy 5 guy 6 guy 7

Oy. I’m off to CALM THE EFF DOWN.



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