Happy Nolan Day!

Once again, muchos apolegios for not keeping up with the Happy Nolan Day posts, I’ve been really slack what with work and errything, but for those who have still stuck around, thank you so much and here goes…

Tonight is the season finale, so I thought that it would be appropriate to pull together Nolan’s 5 best looks from this series. Admittedly they weren’t as out there as they were in the first series, but he was rocking some awesome threads nonetheless.

I will try to post regularly for Season 3 (yes, Revenge has been renewed – hurray!) but I am not sure when it will air on UK shores. But when I do find out, I’ll holla at y’all.

*UPDATE* Nolan Ross and the Hamptons elite will be back on our screens early next year!

5. Half ‘n’ Half

Remember that time when Nolan quickly shoved on a jumper-shirt combo to talk to Padma while he was still in his boxers? Yeah, me too. I’ll never forget it.

Sorry about the play symbol, best I could do

4. Minty Fresh

Looking crisp and cool in this green jacket with a checked shirt (with added knowing smile):


3. All Wrapped Up

A rather refreshing take on the classic waistcoat. And just look at that quiff! So voluminous!

2. Party On Down, Nolan Style

Let’s face it, no-one does party wear like Nolan Ross.


1. Taking ‘Em (And Em) To Church

Love this look. Sharp tailoring with coordinating and eye-catching colours. Classic Nolan.


Episode 22 (‘Truth: Part Two’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4.

Until Season 3…



4 thoughts on “Happy Nolan Day!

  1. Hi Ricky, thanks for your comment!

    To be honest I have no idea, sorry I can’t be of more help, although I wish my men’s tailoring knowledge was a bit more extensive!

    Perhaps you could try searching for it on a search engine, or looking up designer menswear websites (e.g. Hackett, Gant). Or if you live in the UK, try taking a stroll down Saville Row and see what’s there.

    Or another idea, you can buy some fabric (the material looks like silk or satin) and get someone to make it for you.

    Hope this helps and do let us know how you get on!


  2. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for your response. The idea is to get it made if I could get a nicer cleaner pic of the waistcoat i’d be able to use it as a design, but I cant seem to get a clearer picture of the waist coat.

    thanks for your help, will try watching the episode again and draft it while watching …

  3. Hi Ricky, thanks for your response!

    I’m sorry that the picture isn’t very clear, I use screengrabs for these posts from when I watch the episodes online, so they come out a bit blurry. I think watching the episode again is a great idea, maybe on TV if you have it on DVD so that the picture is bigger and clearer so you’ll get a better view of it. We’d love to see how it turns out!


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