DTSFT Are Crawling To You For Help

No, we’re not abusing KickStarter for a vanity project, we’re leaving that up to Zach “I’m still here” Braff.

What we want is your help in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards!  We’ve had so much fun writing over the last ten months, and we’d love your help to win.  You can nominate us by clicking on this button…

nominate me

Read more: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogs/cosmo-blog-awards-2013/enter-the-2013-cosmopolitan-blog-awards-nominate-now#ixzz2Un43X8Iz

You’ll need to enter your email address, and our URL – http://www.dtsft.wordpress.com.  We would like you to vote for us in “LIFESTYLE”.  We ARE under a year old, so click ‘yes’ there.  The newcomer bit comes next…

There’s an external link to vote that we’re less than a year old on the Next website – which is true, seeing as we’re celebrating our first birthday later this year!  We are so grateful for all the views we get on this site, and would love to win, so please vote for us and remember to click on the link that establishes that we are less than a year old.

If we win, we will love you forever – even though we’ll do that anyway…

And thanks to Niomi for bringing this to our attention!


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