Superhero Saturday: Avengers 2 News!

Yes, this week’s short Superhero Saturday post is about the by-now-old news that Joss Whedon has confirmed that The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will appear in the next Avengers film.


In an interview with IGN, Whedon stated that “I’m not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier”, and added that the two were some of his favourite comic book characters .  Considering that the events and ending of Iron Man 3 didn’t exactly give Whedon a nice segue for a sequel, I’d say he’s got a big challenge on his hands already and so for him to put in characters that will provide more complications is either a really ballsy move or a monumentally stupid idea.  With Whedon’s recent track record and his excellent work on Avengers Assemble, I’m calling it for the former.  And with the incredibly talented, beautiful and watchable Saoirse Ronan apparently being considered for the Scarlet Witch role (she would act the shit out of it, that’s for sure), it’s shaping up to be one hell of a sequel already.


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