Red Carpet Watch: ‘The Great Gatsby’ Collection

The New York premiere of The Great Gatsby was…a little while ago. Unfortunately life things prevented a speedier post but we’re going to combine the NY premiere with the Cannes madness.

The New York premiere:


Carey Mulligan’s Lanvin dress is a beautiful yet simple dress. The cut is very demure and this simplicity is carried through with her hair, shoes and accessories – all as minimal as possible. She looks great but I would have expected something a little showier for the first premiere of The Great Gatsby – I guess she’s waiting for the Cannes premiere.


Then we have Leonardo DiCaprio looking ever the dandy in this Prada suit. The fit is great on him and he keeps the whole look simple with the tie coordinated with the blue shade of the suit. The cloth looks impeccable and DiCaprio looks as Gatsby should.
Tobey Maguire’s Saint Laurent suit isn’t as striking as DiCaprio’s but it’s another example of a great cut. The choice of navy blue rather than black also gets my approval. And Jennifer Meyer’s Saint Laurent is beautiful and cute all at the same time – a tea dress that is not Gatsby related!


I’m less of a fan of Joel Edgerton’s linen suit – it just creases too much to look elegant on the red carpet unfortunately. And, when compared to the other men, looks very casual. It’s a good shape on Edgerton but I’m not too impressed sadly.Isla-Fisher-In-Dolce-Gabbana-‘The-Great-Gatsby’-World-Premiere

I’ve been quite critical of Isla Fisher’s red carpet choices but this Dolce and Gabbana dress is a winner for me. The mix of sheer fabric and flower print on the bodice, with the lace skirt covering a mini-skirt and embroidered flowers continuing the theme. That is a great touch – the fabric and texture switch is soften through that slight continuation. I think I prefer this to Mulligan’s dress – even though that was red!joel-edgerton-baz-luhrmann-great-gatsby-premiere-nyc-11

I really like Baz Luhrmann’s suit – elegant yet interesting because of the blue shade. He’s definitely upped the glamour stakes. Catherin Martin however… I’m a big fan of hers but here there just seems to be way too much going on. There is the mass embroidery on her dress with the beaded hem and then there’s similar/more beading on her coat. Add that to the highly embellished shoes and…it’s a little too much for me sadly.Florence-Welch-In-Miu-Miu-‘The-Great-Gatsby’-New-York-Premiere

Florence Welch’s Miu Miu dress is beautiful. I love the suggestion of lapels and the tie/scarf – all embellished to draw attention to them. Then the thigh-high slit contrasts the covered up nature of the rest of the dress. I big winner for me.Nina-Dobrev-In-Versace-‘The-Great-Gatsby’-World-Premiere

I included Nina Dobrev in her Versace dress purely because it reminds me so much of the Art Deco promotion for The Great Gatsby – I like that she’s coordinated her dress for the premiere. Incidentally, I love the dress itself.

Pre-Met Gala Viewing of The Great Gatsby:Carey-Mulligan-In-Lanvin-The-Great-Gatsby-Pre-Met-Ball-Special-Screening

Another Lanvin number for Mulligan but this one meets my full approval. Sharp tailoring? Check. Interesting features? White lapel and shoulder pad features, let along the satin sleeves themselves. I’m very jealous.

The Cannes photocall:


Isla Fisher wearing another Dolce and Gabbana dress but this one is a lot more restrained. It’s a very pretty day dress but nothing particularly special about it screams out at me. It’s a great shape though with some nice cut out detailing. I think the worst that can be said about the dress is that it’s nice.leonardo-dicaprio-carey-mulligan-vogue-15may13-rex-b_426x639

I’m a big fan of Maguire’s suit here – mostly because it’s a three-piece? Probably. The shade of grey is nice too but I’m having some issues with the trousers. The fit looks maybe a little big? But that’s only really noticeable around the shoes. Mulligan’s Balenciaga jumpsuit is brilliant. It’s simple but also has some great features with the neckline and the waist pleating. And I adore her T-bar shoes – very 20s inspired. DiCaprio’s Saint Laurent suit is another great choice but there’s nothing noticeably special about it. Just a great suit.

Joel Edgerton Cannes Photocall

Edgerton’s suit is very cool and laidback – perfect for a day in Cannes. This is my favourite suit from the photocall and I love the polka dot pocket square. Love it.
Elizabeth Debicki Cannes Photocall

Elizabeth Debicki looks unbelievably cool here. This sort of longline tailoring works great on her shape and here she just looks like a model. If I could wear this, I would!

Cannes premiere:


Here is where I love DiCaprio’s suit. Sure there are some slight fit issues with the trousers and the jacket might be a little too long and make him look a little boxy… OK, maybe I don’t love the suit. But I really like the satin piping details on both the waistcoat and the tuxedo. And who doesn’t love a bow tie? Mulligan’s Christian Dior Couture dress is a glamour step-up but she still keeps a minimal look. Everything about this look is sharp and clean with just the red lipstick to add a punch. Maguire’s suit is true Hollywood elegance. A simple perfectly cut tuxedo and bow tie. You can’t fault him.Isla-Fisher-In-Oscar-de-la-Renta-‘The-Great-Gatsby’-Premiere-Cannes-Film-Festival-Opening-Ceremony

Fisher’s Oscar de la Renta dress is another case of upping the glamour but as opposed to Mulligan, Fisher went full out. There is nothing restrained about this dress and there’s nothing wrong with that. The fabric is beautiful. The draping over the bodice reminds me of Dior from the 50s and the mix of fabrics for the layered skirt add a Flamenco vibe. The necklace…maybe not so great but overall this is a great look.

Elizabeth Debicki Cannes Premiere

Debicki is showing a very different look from her photocall appearance here – this clings to her body and shapes her in a very different way from the tailored trousers and jacket earlier and her costumes as Jordan. The lace detail manages to be both sexy and demure and this is undoubtedly helped through the nude colouring of the dress and the paired down hair, make-up and accesories. Clearly Debicki and Mulligan are on the same page!
Joel Edgerton Cannes Premiere

And Edgerton comes into his own with this Ferragamo three-piece tux. Here the velvet lapels and satin piping do all the talking. This is a much better fit than DiCaprio’s three-piece and that bit more daring and interesting than Maguire’s. And the whole outfit is finished off with a lovely velvet bow tie. Bravo.

S x


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