Red Carpet Watch: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Los Angeles Premiere

As promised in the first Star Trek into Darkness RCW, here is the LA Premiere:


There is a lot going on with Pine’s suit here. But I have to say that for some reason it works for me. The blue of his double-breasted suit (another Ralph Lauren Purple Label) is a beautiful shade and he’s wearing his favourite tan shoes again – I like consistency. The true story of this outfit is with all the patterns on the accessories: the blue and white striped shirt, the peach tie printed with a blue and white paisley (I think) and then the polka dot pocket square. So many patterns. And as much as I feel that I should hate it, I don’t. It’s brave and for me, Pine pulls it off.


On the opposite end of the spectrum we come to Quinto and his Topman suit. Quinto is usually full of excitement clothing wise but this look seems very toned down – mostly when compared to Pine’s suit. Having said that, I love the white piping on the suit lapels and the thin lines with the slim cut trousers, thin lapels and short collar. Clearly this outfit is all about the hair anyway.


Kate Beckinsale wearing Alberta Ferretti. This is a very simple yet effective dress.The silhouette looks great on her and, much as I don’t really like strappy shoes, the bright yellow straps help to add some youth to the dress – as does the hem. And her earrings are very beautiful.


I can’t quite make my mind up about Jennifer Morrison’s Editions by George Chakra’s jumpsuit. I really like jumpsuits (it’s that tailoring thing for me again), and I like them in interesting fabric or with a slightly different cut (like the low back of this one that isn’t shown in this photo) but somehow this one seems a little…awkward? It might be to do with Morrison’s pose. Or the fact that I’ve had numerous costume jumpsuit problems recently and that’s stuck in my head. I’m pulling for the pose and my own issues for this. I think my first impulse of it being a winner is accurate.

chris-pine-zachary-quinto-star-trek-into-darkness-premiere-11The first appearance of John Cho (Sulu) at a Star Trek into Darkness premiere. This is a very basic look but the suit shape is a great fit for him and I like that he has worn a pocket square – even if you can barely see it against the suit. The aubergine tie adds a slight dash of colour against the charcoal grey suit, but just a dash.

zoe-saldana-alice-eve-star-trek-into-darkness-premiere-05I really love Eve’s Zuhair Murad dress. Really love it. The gold brocade feature, with the black detailing to both soften and harden the dress. I particularly love the shoulder pads. The bodice shape reminds me of Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy dress at the Oscars in 2011 – but I was in the minority of not really liking that dress… I love Eve’s dress here. I think it might be my favourite of hers from the promotional tour.


Urban wearing a similar suit cut to those in Sydney, except this is a one-button rather than two. Another grey suit with limited accessories – just a simple subtly diagonally striped grey tie.


Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto attended a special New York screening of the film on 9th May:


More pattern mixing for Pine but this time with black and white – no bright colours to be found. His three-piece pinstriped Ralph Lauren suit with wide lapels is matched with a wide collared shirt. The polka dot tie adds some humour to the suit and away from the business man cliche. Probably a wise choice. Then there’s Cumberbatch wearing a simple, but beautifully cut one-button midnight blue suit – who wants to bet that it’s Spencer Hart? This is a favoured suit shape for Cumberbatch and when it works as well as it does why change it? Quinto adds lightness to the group purely through lighter blues! The denim patterned shirt (?) is a really interesting choice worn with his one-button navy blue Todd Snyder suit with some amazing leather lapels. Details like that win me over.

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