5 Great Aspects of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Before I start – there are no spoilers! That would be cruel and might prevent people seeing this amazing film – currently my favourite of the year…

After seeing the film on Sunday I’ve been thinking about fun/great moments/aspects that helped make STID such a brilliant film. I’m sure I missed loads of references (I’ve already been filled in on one) because I haven’t caught up with the whole Trek universe. This will come. And these moments are just what comes into my head after one viewing…

1. The Kirk/Spock romance bromance.


All that really needs to be said.

2. The return of Deep Roy as Keenser.

Star Trek Into Darkness Keenser

I’m serious. I loved him in Star Trek and I loved him here.

3. John Harrison.


I know it’s been said everywhere about how great Cumberbatch is but it is worth noting that films like Star Trek need a great villain to further the story and lead to developments for the other characters.

4. The development of the Enterprise family.

movie-nerd-star-trek-2-into-darknessMuch has been said of the difficulty of character development within large casts, because this is true, and STID has ably furthered the family set up from Star Trek (2009).

5. The heart. There felt like there was more emotion in this film Рthe characters have had more time to develop together and as an audience we are more accepting of them. When something happens, we, and they, feel it more deeply.


There may be a few things that I was a little disappointed by but generally speaking I loved it. (Just ignore the gratuitous Alice Eve in underwear shot.) Go and see it!

S x


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