He Could Get It…Benedict Cumberbatch

Holds babies and knows you like it

Holds babies and knows you like it

WHY? It’s about time Fineberbatch (© Helen) popped up on HCGI. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I attempted to write one last year, but looking for an accompanying picture resulted in my spending three months trying to get my blood pressure back to normal.

So, ah! – push it, Ben. Push it real good because you’re hotter than July. Adorably self-deprecating, charming and funny, with a voice that could simultaneously stop wars and increase the earth’s population; Mr Batch’s star is on the rise. Leaping nimbly from hot detective genius to flame-y dragon to Captain Kirk’s nemesis in the space of about three years is no mean feat. And if he thinks that being a bit on the posh side is a drawback, IT AIN’T. Please feel free to get all Wuthering Heights on me ASAP.



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