Red Carpet Watch: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Roundup

There has been a pretty massive build up for J.J. Abrams’ sequel to 2009’s Star Trek with Star Trek into Darkness. It’s finally here! Yes, it came out here yesterday and I probably won’t get to see it til Sunday (this upsets me more than it should) but I thought it was time for the first RCW round-up for the Enterprise Crew. (The LA premiere isn’t until next week so will try to get a separate post done for that…)

The crew started off in Sydney with a photocall and then the premiere:

"Star Trek Into Darkness" - Photocall

So here’s the limited crew of the USS Enterprise. Karl Urban (Bones) looks impossibly cool. (I find it quite amusing that, given that they’re standing in front of Sydney Harbour, there are a lot of blue tones going on.) Urban’s suit is a great cut on him and the check is a great feature – along with his super subtle black pocket square. Chris Pine (Kirk) is definitely wearing the most striking suit here, and possible my favourite. Any suit that has blue tones to it looks great on Pine due to his “chipped ice blue eyes”. You could seriously get lost in them. Then there’s the brighter blue silk pocket square and an awesome pair of shoes. J.J. Abrams on the other hand is the most casual – those pesky jeans. He doesn’t look bad but, compared to the rest, it’s a little disappointing. Finally we get to Zachary Quinto (Spock). Quinto always has style. And here he finds the happy medium between Pine and Abrams. It’s smart casual. (Remember that early post?) I adore that jumper. I’d wear it.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Australian Premiere

Now we have the premiere. All the boys have stepped it up here. Urban has taken a leaf out of Pine’s book and gone for some blue. This deeper tone works really well for Urban but I’m not sure if the lapels are a touch too slim. Love the tie though – a great interesting pattern. Pine has resorted to a grey suit (he is found of grey and I’m certain that’s for the blue eyes reason). It’s a very simple suit in a beautiful cloth. Still getting some blue in with that tie though. Abrams looks great here. A third diagonally striped tie. But we all really want to concentrate on Quinto. A traditional tuxedo jacket complete with satin shawl lapels, burgundy (satin?) shoes, a blue patterned shirt and a burgundy bow tie (matching the shoes?). You’d think it wouldn’t work. But it does.

The cast then moved onto Moscow. They lost Urban but picked up new cast member Alice Eve:


Abrams does enjoy wearing a pair of jeans for a photocall. But he looks smarter at this photocall – possibly because it’s easier to look smarter when layered up in cold climates. Eve (Carol Marcus) looks great in this Gucci dress. The silhouette is reminiscent of the 50s but with a heavy weight fabric bringing it up to date – and especially important for cold weather! And her shoes are great – I love the pointed toes. Pine is wearing a more muted suit here – grey or is it more brown? There’s some colour added with the soft pink shirt and another pocket square – I will always approve Pine. And Quinto has changed his look again. A great knitted cardigan but then toughening the look with some boots. I want to dislike it, but Quinto is just too cool and I’d probably approve of anything he wears.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Moscow Premiere

Pine is back in a grey suit, albeit a pinstriped one. And, I think, it’s a three-piece suit. His shirt collars and tie are both quite wide and, if the suit is indeed a three-piece, it might have been better for them to be slightly slimmer. But the tie colour and pattern is beautiful and works so well with the suit. Quinto in a rich aubergine suit with matching shirt but not matching shoes – the suit needs that little punch of blue. I don’t love this suit as much as Pine’s but I think Quinto is one of the few men that could pull it off. I love Eve’s Dolce and Gabbana dress. More 50s inspiration with the shape, the lace and the red nails – but not with the sexy nature of the skirt/underwear.

The trip to Berlin added two more cast members:


Zoe Saldana (Uhura) wearing Calvin Klein. I’m not really sure how I feel about this outfit. I like the shape of the skirt and the fabric is a really interesting shape but I’m unsure about the cropped nature of the top. It seems half-hearted. If you’re going to go for a crop I think it needs to be a teeny tiny amount more (and I’m not a big fan of crops). And I hate the shoes.


Eve wearing Reem Acra. This is more of my liking. A sleek cut fitted dress with some amazing red lace detailing. The nature of the dress and the decoration make it sexy but Eve is actually pretty covered up.

Zachary Quinto at the Berlin Photocall

This outfit doesn’t really work for me – it’s too cargo/army-y for me. The shirt is beautiful and maybe it’s the jacket and shoes that are tipping me over…

Pine at the Berlin Photocall

So it’s not a grey suit, but look at that blue shirt. And I love the three-piece suit. I don’t think this needs any explanation really.


Full length photo (just ignore Eve and Saldana’s unfortunate expressions…)


Eve wearing Emilio Pucci. In lots of photos this looks more red than orange… I can’t really tell. It’s beautiful either way but I’d obviously love it more if it were red. The sexy little cut out is the perfect touch. Simon Pegg (Scotty) joins here in a nice suit. Nice, not bad, not great. But I like the little pink pocket square. Quinto is back on mark in this suit. Skinny wool tie, pocket square, slim lines. We’re back. I think that Saldana’s Balmain dress is a marmite dress – love or hate. I happen to love it and I think it’s because of the contrast thoughout. The bodice is highly embellished, very structured and very covered up. Then there’s the satin, loosely draped mini-skirt. But is it a surprise that Pine (wearing Ralph Lauren) is the best dressed for me? No? I didn’t think so.

For the London premiere villain Benedict Cumberbatch joined the cast:

Star Trek Into Darkness - UK Film Premiere

So Pine has another grey three-piece suit (Ralph Lauren Purple Label). And you can just make out a pocket square. That’s all I have to say. Eve has gone back to more neutral colours wearing Ermanno Scervino. The black belt adds some detail and means that her shape isn’t lost within the nude (suede?) dress. I love Quinto’s blue three-piece suit but I’m less sure about his shirt and tie – they look a little too muted or even dirty when worn with the suit. Saldana’s Vionnet dress is playing perfectly into the Great Gatsby hype and I love anything that is bias cut or 20s/30s inspired. It’s not a dress I would’ve expected Saldana to wear but she looks great.  And I really like her shoes. Simple, elegant and perfect for the dress. Cumberbatch here wearing his usual Spencer Hart three-piece suit (I assume it’s new but… I can’t tell from these photos). I guess stick to what works? The stark black and white definitely plays up the villain.

Then we come to Mexico:


Saldana’s Bottega Veneta dress is beautiful. The dress has a much more laidback vibe than other things she has worn on the promotional tour – and this is the first time she’s worn her hair down and loose. It’s a very simple look but because of the great pattern and styling features of the dress she never looks boring or too safe. I’m not even going to mention the shoes.


Eve’s Roksanda Illincic dress is much more dominant than Saldana’s dress. A bit too overdressed for a press conference? I want to like it because I really like the colour but…it’s not that flattering. The material drowns here and not even the red lipstick and great hair can save it.


Blue linen (or super soft denim?) shirt and striped trousers? Not a look I would’ve picked out but…at this point Pine can do nearly no wrong clothes wise. For me at least. I like the shirt and the softness of the fabric but I think I’m having difficulties with the trousers.


I’m not a fan of Eve’s Gucci dress. Everything was going so well but…it’s the lace bodice that I don’t like. If it wasn’t high-necked and overly embellished at the neck and armholes…


Saldana in Elie Saab looks fierce. I don’t say fierce a lot because, frankly, I can’t pull it off. But this needed saying here. There is sharp lined tailoring, contrasted with the sheer blouse. And the wide-legged trousers were balanced with the low cut nature of the blouse. My favourite look so far. (Followed by the Vionnet dress.)


I’ve never really been a huge fan of double-breasted suits but here it works. As double-breasted suits are not a common appearance on the red carpet it also makes Pine look ahead of the crowd – nothing wrong with adding interest. And the white pocket square trimmed with orange to match the tie? I can definitely get behind that coordination. And the white and grey striped shirt? It’s all good.

S x


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