My Current Addiction

So it’s that time again – another DTSFT My Current Addiction post…

Reader, my life is so boring.  I spend my days floating from room to room at home, watching day-time television and reading, and above everything else eating, always eating.  But after recently (you know, 6 months ago) quitting my job and signing up to Netflix (a lethal combination, folks), I’ve gone through various TV show addictions – the most notable being Breaking Bad, of which I managed to watch 4 seasons in about two and a half weeks.  However, the title of this post isn’t “My addiction from, like, a couple of months ago” – no, it’s my CURRENT addiction.  So here are the things dominating my life right now…


God damn you, Sophia, and your Joss Whedon nonsense.  You got me hooked on this, and I’ll never forgive you.  But I also have to thank you because Dollhouse is friggin’ awesome.


Now, I know that Sophia is probably going to do some kind of post about Dollhouse in the future (I’m hoping she will), so I won’t go into too much detail – because I forget details quickly and have the attention span of I’m watching Prometheus as I write this what was I saying?

Eliza Dushku plays Echo, a ‘doll’ whose job/purpose is to have personalities imprinted in her brain for assignments – these may be romantic liaisons, investigative purposes, traps, all kinds of things – like a shell of a woman.  She’s not the only doll but she’s the most popular, although this kind of bugs me considering that throughout the series she repeatedly glitches and messes up her assignments, having to be rescued in some way.  Any-hoo….

Dollhouse is kind of a weird show, mixing sci-fi, detective and action elements, all with some drama and sexy outfits thrown in too.  Remember how much Buffy kicked vampire-butt, and how bad-ass Faith was when she arrived on the scene? Well, Dushku does it again, roundhouse-kicking and throwing hooks and jabs like the BAMF she is, but then back at the Dollhouse when she is ‘wiped’ (aka re-set to be ready for a new imprint and a new assignment) she walks around with a child-like wonder and naivety.  The uptight, uber-professional and kind of scary Adelle DeWitt (played by Olivia Williams) is played off against the magnificently flippant and arrogant science geek extraordinaire Topher Brink (portrayed by Sarah and Sophia’s current obsession, Fran Kranz), with a little extra eye-candy thrown in for good measure with Agent Paul Ballard, played by the unbelievably stacked and completely unpronounceable Tahmoh Penikett.   I was loving the show for all of these things, and the comedy that comes as standard in a Joss Whedon show, plus the concept is pretty original and cool (like Doritos) – and then my main man showed up on screen.

alan tudyk

Fairly soon, I will write a He Could Get It post about Alan Tudyk, but for now I think there is only one sentence that I can use to describe my love for him:

“Fuck yeah, I’m in love with Alan Tudyk, but I’m not sure why”

I’m almost halfway through series 2, which is devastating because that’s also the LAST series.  Stupid networks and their cancellations.

Sweet Potato Wedges

Holy hell, I’m in love with a vegetable.  But it’s okay, because it’s the uber-starchy kind.

Yes folks, after a trip to Bodeans a few months ago, I decided on a whim to get the sweet potato chips.  Now, that was a fun evening, mostly because it was just me and my brother hanging out and having a ridiculous amount of jokes – but it was also fun because I couldn’t accept how delicious my sweet potato ‘fries’ were. I mean, seriously.  Now, I put inverted commas around fries back there just because at Bodeans, they were most certainly deep fried chips, and what I’ve been obsessing over these last few weeks is more of a baked recipe because 1) I’d like to try and eat healthier, and 2) if my mum saw me deep frying them she would no doubt give me a right royal ear-bashing followed by a smack on the bottom.

Photo courtesy and copyright of

Photo courtesy and copyright of

I’ve used this picture here that I found on a lovely recipe blog called Chocolate Covered Katie, and you can find her own, very healthy recipe here.  I don’t want anyone to think I’m taking credit for this hugely appetising picture, it’s all original work from Katie’s blog and I’d highly recommend visiting it for some mouth-watering ideas, in particular this incredible chocolate mud pie!

My own twist on the recipes I’ve found online is actually a trick that I’ve adapted/stolen/learned from my brother.  After drizzling oil on the uncooked wedges, I prepare a few tablespoons of flour (plain or self-raising, doesn’t matter) in a separate bowl, and mix it up with some garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper.  Then I sprinkle this flour mixture liberally over the wedges, toss them around so that they’re all covered and then bake them in the oven.  I’m not one for following recipes closely, so you’ll really need to keep checking them to see when they’re finished, but they’ll turn out crispy and delicious, I promise.   You can have them on their own, but they also make a great side dish with smokey meat dishes, which is why it was so perfect at Bodeans.  Oh god, Bodeans.  If I could inject a sweet potato concentrate directly into my veins, I wouldn’t do it – I mean, how else would I taste them?  Think it through, guys.

So those are my current addictions, folks, but this isn’t a cry for help.  I don’t want to beat these addictions – I just want let them phase out and then I’ll replace them with new ones.  Perhaps it’ll be Firefly and Katie’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge


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