He Could Get It… David Giuntoli

Oh you haven’t heard of him? That’s okay – all you need to know is that he looks like this:


Yeah, exactly.  He could totally get it.

WHY? Because just look at him, I thought we’d established this guys, jeez.  David plays Detective Nick Burkhardt on NBC’s Grimm, a show which incorporates stories from the Grimm tales, along with folklore and other fairytales (and coming up next week, zombies…), to make a crime show with a supernatural twist (but with perhaps less of a following than Supernatural)

grimm-s2-premiere-dateWith his super dark hair,  strong but not too prominent jawline, and those baby-blue eyes that glisten like a Caribbean shore in the early hours of a summer morning, this fella makes me wish I was a Wesen just so that he’d chase me.  And David’s character in the show is so loveable too – Nick finds out he’s a Grimm, which means he can see things (monsters, basically) that normal people can’t.  He doesn’t really do the whole tortured, moody dude thing, in fact he just gets right on and deals with his newly discovered powers, all while holding down his job in homicide and keeping his lady happy – Juliette, you’re a lucky lady.  Okay so maybe I’m in love with his character but damn, he sure looks like the actor who plays him.  And with an Italian name like ‘Giuntoli’, you know this boy must be able to cook, or he’s got a delightful Mama Giuntoli who spends her day wearing an apron and brandishing a rolling pin, while managing four huge pots on the stove with various pastas and sauces, maybe even some veal chops. God dammit now I’m hungry.

According to his entry on Wikipedia, David was also up for the role in Man of Steel but lost out to my man Henry Cavill – hmmm, another dark-haired, blue-eyed, strong-jawed, tall good-guy… yeah but I totally DON’T have a type…


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