Superhero Saturday: DTSFTs [Brief] Thoughts on ‘Iron Man 3’

This would’ve been much better yesterday but internet problems and the such… The DTSFT girls made a joint trip to the cinema to see Iron Man 3 on Friday night and, spoilers, we loved it. Back when Skyfall came out last year we wrote a short joint post summing up our thoughts on that film so I thought it would be a great idea to do the same for Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 @sophiashillito So five things to enjoy?

  1. The whole direction and tone of the film. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) is one of my favourite films and having Shane Black directing and co-writing IM3 is great. The tone of KKBB is sardonic, self-aware but fun – and this is all present in IM3. But the key thing in both films? Robert Downey Jr. working with Black. They are just great together.
  2. After praising RDJs work with Black it feels weird to then praise his performance separately. But this film is a great showcase for his acting. There doesn’t seem to be much separation between Tony Stark and RDJ – no other actor and character seem to be as closely intertwined. This film goes deeper
    into Stark understanding himself (corny as this sounds) and its all the better for it.
  3. Harley played by Ty Simpkins. That’s all I’m going to say. When you watch the film you’ll know why.
  4. The supporting cast being given more to do! This might not sound like much but when you consider the cast size of Avengers Assemble (2012) and how Joss Whedon was able to give each character specific moments (just ignore Renner’s annoyance), then look back at Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010)… There are some definite supporting supporting characters. Specifically, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes. But here, he gets to shine. Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts gets more to do and even Jon Favreau as
    Happy Hogan has more story!
  5. This film also has some great villains. Sir Ben Kingsley is great – terrifying and
    powerful on the screen. And then there’s Guy Pearce with a different feel. But both are worthy adversaries of Stark.

The bad thing about this film? The pressure it puts on the rest of Marvel’s Phase Two films leading up to Avengers 2. Oh, and also – I love Jarvis. And for a spoiler filled costume analysis of Iron Man 3 I encourage you to check out this great article by Chris Laverty on Clothes on Film. And then check out everything else he’s written.


  1. Attack of the Iron Men – In the first Iron Man movie, we got to see Stark do what he does best – invent. However in Iron Man 2 we didn’t get to see much of his engineering skills. But luckily in this film we get to see Tony go back to basics and showcase his latest inventions, including an army of about 10,000
    different versions of Iron Man (one in particular was a heavy set dude whose only use appeared to be holding things up, which we found quite amusing). The epic final act where they shoot through the sky and take out The Mandarin’s minions was nothing less than awesome.
  2. Guy Pearce – Guy Pearce, Guy Pearce, Guy Pearce. He definitely stood out for me as the film’s villain. Not only that, but the man is HENCH and he’s got fantastic hair.
  3. James Badge Dale – I’m not entirely sure what his character’s name was, but he was a brilliant evil character, especially with that lopsided, creepy smile he does and his casual gum chewing.
  4. There’s a great scene involving a guy who, when trying to get out of being snuffed out by Tony, hopelessly tries to save himself with a speech that
    sounds like something a student working at McDonalds would say:
    “Honestly, I really don’t like working here, and the people are so
    weird…” Hilarious.
  5. Pepper kicks butt – Ms Potts definitely gets her time to shine in this film, and it becomes clear to see (if you didn’t see it already) why Tony Stark is
    absolutely crazy about her and why she’s his perfect match.


I can’t think of 5 things to say, sorry to my DTSFT ladies. I still loved the film though… I was worried that I’d have to remember more than 30 seconds of Iron Man 2 in order to enjoy Iron Man 3. Luckily, as Sophia kept pointing out every time I asked, all I’d need to remember is the plot from Avengers Assemble. Part of me was hoping that Mickey Rourke would pop
up with a cameo somewhere, like a flashback with him saying “Tyyyonyyy Styyark, you vont play gyyyame, yes?” or some shit.

Action films are not really my bag, but Iron Man 3 kept it real with some seriously funny bits (his banter with the little kid from Insidious is great) and a plot that had some interesting and unexpected twists. I haven’t got much to say about it other than I loved it, and will probably see it again very soon – oh and Don Cheadle’s arms are an added bonus. A lovely, muscly bonus.


Alright, so we’re doing Iron Man 3 today. Safe. Like my girl above I can’t think of five things. I can’t even think of three things. If I could think of five things, they would be five different
variations on the theme BLOODY FANTASTIC. Iron Man 2 was a let down, I won’t lie, so I was nervous as to how this one would turn out. I needn’t have worried. They nailed it this time. The plot worked, the suits worked, the Avengers references worked and I loved the PTSD angle. Robert Downey Jr did some of his best work here and Guy Pearce wins. Hair and everything. Thor: The Dark World has a LOT to live up to. And can we give the credit sequence a shout out?: clever, memorable and fun, like superhero films are supposed to be.


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