He Could Get It… Henry Cavill


And get thee in front of me, Henry Cavill, cos you’se a banger.


Oh holy hell, Henry Cavill.  I could write poetry about you.  I would tear down buildings if you asked me to, I would tear them the hell down RIGHT NOW.  It’s all for you, Damien Henry.


Henry’s due to grace the big screen this summer as Clark Kent/Superman in Man of Steel – with Nolan producing, you know there’ll be plenty of opportunities for a brooding, troubled hero to strike brave, iconic poses, but I’m reminded of my comic-book-expert brother’s comments when we first saw the trailers (at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, no less).  I’m not using his exact words, but he didn’t think the whole dark, gritty Superman was right – Superman was meant to be a light (I think that’s what he said, anyway).  I wrote a little bit about Superman a while back for a Superhero Saturday post, and going through the list of actors who have played Superman, its safe to say that “All-American good looks” is an asterisked box that must be ticked during the casting for the role.
So back to Henry.  OH GOD. He’s got those angelic big blue eyes, a jaw so strong it could open the most tightly closed jar, and all of this in proportions that would make Fibonacci cry with joy.   And then take into account that he had to get stacked the hell up in order to fit into…that…suit….

Seriously, I know Lois Lane is supposed to be ignorant and not realise that Clark Kent is just Superman in a pair of specs, but there could never be any mistaking the fineness of Henry Cavill.  And add to all this the fact that he’s the ultimate good guy… I’m properly in love.



2 thoughts on “He Could Get It… Henry Cavill

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