He Could Get It…John Krasinski


WHY? UNF, you guyz. There’s something about that all-American cheesecake smile of his and the way he looks like he’s stepped out from the pages of E.L. James’ next depraved fanfiction best-selling literary novella.

John SEEMS like butter-wouldn’t-melt on the surface, but I reckon there’s a SKIPLOAD of butter there to mask over all that RED-BLOODEDNESS and that’s the appeal. LOOK AT THAT FACE, FFS – his skin probably tastes like Haribo (but not the liquorice wheels. No one needs that mess).

He’s sexy in a “I’ll help your mum with the weekly shop…but also I know I look good wet” kind of way. Know what I mean?

Final, less shallow thought – he writes (very well) and if you haven’t seen him in Promised Land; do so immediately.

@thatmissdeen x


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