Happy Nolan Day!

Today’s episode sees Nolan make an unlikely team-up with Aidan ‘Headlock’ Mathis, and they both seem to have gone for the ‘all-black everything’ look:


Just when I thought nothing could match the awesomeness of his whale print trousers, Mr. Ross decides to bust out these checked beauties (which aren’t black, I know, but they’re still cool). He’s also wearing a shirt in a different pattern, but I quite like the whole clashing patterns look. And of course, no Nolan look would be complete without a pocket square.

I must say though I’m really not feeling his hair here, maybe because it’s too long at the sides. I prefer it a little shorter.

And another thought: is Aidan showing Nolan part of his sniper rifle collection in this picture, or are they finna bust a cap in somebody’s you-know-what?


Episode 17 (‘Victory’) is on tonight at 9pm on E4.


P.S. If you love all of the fabulous outfits just as much as we do, here’s a nice little article from Revenge‘s costume designer Jill Ohanneson about the show’s couture clothing (courtesy of Sophia): http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/fash-track/revenge-designer-jill-ohanneson-snagging-432470


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