Eight bloody brilliant things about the Thor: The Dark World trailer

The teaser trailer for Thor: The Dark World is here and the ladies of DTSFT have been getting pretty moist about it. Here are eight reasons why.

1)   Floating fire truck

This will never not be cool. It’s a simple scene that looks not unlike a Plan B video, but it’s the simplicity that makes it excellent. A ginormous truck, lifted from the ground as easily as a golf ball by some unknown, possibly malevolent force. Ten seconds in and we’re already intrigued.

2)  Mountain/space ship thingy destroys a part of London

In a shot not unlike the spaceship carnage in the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, something that looks like a bit of mountain cleaves the ground in two like a knife through cottage cheese. Ominous and exciting.

3) The dude arrives

A pair of boots, a bit of breeze, and suddenly he’s there. Thor. In all his splendour and leather and metal and luxurious hair. He looks like he means business – like he’s going to kiss you deeply then elbow a bad guy in the neck FOR YOUR HONOUR. We got chills.

4) “You want me to put the hammer down?”

Thor is a man of action, don’t forget; and he gets plenty of it it seems. Who else could appear out of a fucking cloud and chin you before his feet hit the ground?

5) Tough mama

Rene Russo is back as Thor’s mother Frigga, and from the looks of things she’ll be kicking some behind. And you thought Midgardian mothers were hardnuts.

6) Sacrifices

Like every good superhero movie (usually the by the third film) the hero has to make some difficult choices between the way of the cape and the way of his heart. Whereas Batman and Iron Man waited until the last bit of the trilogy, Thor’s hitting us with both barrels RIGHT DAMN NOW. And we don’t mind one bit.

7) Malekith

Spooky tin opener Malekith

Spooky tin opener Malekith

Getting a first look at this film’s Big Bad is a treat, so here’s Malekith, looking like a spooky elf. Or a tin opener.


In an exchange that looks a bit Silence of the Lambs, Thor goes to Loki for help. Tom Hiddleston ticks every DTSFT box, so he could have been sat cross-legged eating a Muller Rice without saying a word and we’d have loved it. “When do we start”? ANYTIME YOU LIKE, HIDDLESTON.

Enough talk. Watch the trailer below:

@thatmissdeen x


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