He Could Get It…Vincent Cassel

Right, first of all, let me get this straight – I’m not what you’d call a fan of the French.  Before you get all pissy, that doesn’t include French Canadians.  I love me some French Canadians, because they’re a version of Canadians, and Canadians are the balls.

But something went wrong somewhere along the way.  Canada created Justin Bieber; a collective shudder was felt round the world, as we wondered how such a thing could have happened.  For some reason, France stepped up to the plate, “We ‘ave got zis, non?” and reminded the world that this guy exists:


Vincent Cassel, awww get it.  And before you start to disagree, just shut up for a minute ‘cos you’re wrong. Aside from the mad acting skills (especially when it’s not in his native language), Cassel is worth the hass…el.  Ahem.  Look, he’s about 7 feet tall, with eyes that could cut through you like a raggedy toenail through tights, and best of all he looks like he’s never given a good god damn about anything in his entire life apart from sex and cigarettes – he is French, after all.  So laid back, it’s unreal.  In Trance, when he casually answers the door buck-ass naked, I knew I’d never see the world in the same light ever again.  And then to make matters worse, this picture was presented to the world.




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