DTSFT Recommends: Caro Emerald

So far there’s only been one official DTSFT Recommends but I’m gonna try to do some more – the problem being that it mostly requires me being ‘ahead of trends’. I’m poor at that. This is another case of me not being ahead of the trends but I don’t think that Caro Emerald is so mainstream that everyone’s heard of her so I think this should work.

Caro Emerald

I’ve been listening to Radio 2 a lot recently (I’m so cool and edgy it’s hard to cope) and last week there was repeated mention of Caro Emerald’s live R2 concert. After the play of a few of those songs on various shows I decided to check out the concert via the wonder of iPlayer (sadly I didn’t write this in time so the show is only available until 9.30pm tonight…sorry!). I am now hooked. The whole vibe is 40s/50s but with original songs. The vibe may be 40s/50s (which I have made fairly clear I love) but the songs never feel old or dated – they are modern fun songs that you can just feel yourself dancing to, even if you’re not. They’re that good.

Caro Emerald

Emerald hails from Amsterdam and holds the record for the longest running number-one album in the Dutch chart (30 weeks) beating Michael Jackson’s Thriller album by one week. The album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor stayed in the charts for 104 weeks before being forced to exit the chart (Dutch chart rule which provided that albums can’t spend more than 2 years in the charts). But the album re-entered and rose to 8th position. This was all in 2010. Her new album The Shocking Miss Emerald is released in the UK on 6th May. I don’t own her debut album yet but the announcement of the new album makes me very excited.

(I am not advocating smoking by the way.)

(I am not advocating smoking by the way.)

Also, Emerald is touring the UK this year and if I wasn’t low on funds (and her show costing more than Oscar-nominated Aimee Mann‘s) I’d be there. Especially as it’s around the time of my birthday – but we don’t mention that age.

In case, like me, you have yet to appreciate the splendour of Emerald’s songs and her voice I leave you with a few songs (from both albums):

Riviera Life – no official music video but a great summery vibe.

Tangled Up – Emerald’s new single.

That Man – featured on some adverts I think, it might sound vaguely familiar!

Back It Up

A Night Like This – actually realised that I heard this song for the first time last year in Sicily (on a music channel). I fell in love with it but never caught/remembered the singer. I’m so glad I’ve finally found out!

S x


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