He Could Get It…Kevin Bacon

Pop a squat, KB

Pop a squat, KB

WHY? Everybody loves bacon, right?  I certainly do, and not just the delicious, meaty, sizzling type – I like the pork product too. AWWWWW YEAH.

Sarah has kindly let me take the reins on HCGI for this post.  Currently wearing the shit out of a suit on Fox’s The Following, KB’s got the acting chops to carry even the darkest content, as seen not only in this show but in the film ‘The Woodsman’, where he played a paedophile who is trying to adjust back into society after a stint in jail.  Whether he’s chasing after killers, breaking the dancing ban and liberating the teenage population of a conservative town, or macking on young girls in the park after school, Smokin’ Smokey Bacon can do it all. So the talent and guts to take on such bold roles should be enough to make him attractive.  But I’ve been forced on many occasions to explain the attraction.  Maybe it’s the dinky nose (yeah, I said it, DINKY – not pointy, not piggy, DINKY), those icy blue eyes, or maybe it’s the man’s LEAN PHYSIQUE.  Also, his wife Kyra Sedgwick frequently waxes lyrical about how well he treats her and makes her feel beautiful – if that ain’t the mark of a good man, then I don’t know what is.  He looks like he could take an awful lot of inappropriate touching, too.

He’s known for his extensive career, working in ensemble casts and more recently the ‘makes-most-people-cringe-but-just-makes-me-think-he’s-saying-”Hey, it’s me, Kevin Bacon!”-to-me-and-only-me’ EE adverts, where he exploits the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game to run through bizarre British pop culture references.  He’s also known for this:

Need I say more?


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