He Could Get It… Josh Hutcherson

This is a special edition of HCGI – we have our first contributor! To mark the release of (from what I’ve been told is the highly unremarkable) Red Dawn (2013) today, great friend of DTSFT Lydia (of Lydiarghgrace) has written about her love of Josh Hutcherson. And don’t forget, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) is coming this year…

Josh Hutcherson for Teen Vogue in 2012

WHY? Because with his jawline and my cheekbones, our babies would have the perfectly sculptured face that so many models lack. Our babies would be beautiful.

But I digress… In short, J-Hutch is proving to be one of the best actors of his generation, successfully making the transition from child star to bona fide actor. Steadily working for the past decade, he’s racked up a number of interesting performances, starred alongside a great calibre of actors (Paul Giamatti, Daniel Brühl, Annette Bening, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore) and does as many indie movies as Hollywood money-makers. Charming, funny and down to earth, this guy has all the talent and grounding that could see him go far.

He’s also a vocal supporter of gay rights, recording videos for the ‘Straight But Not Narrow’ campaign and petitioning for the legalisation of gay marriage. Even GLAAD honoured him and his speech at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards is nothing but beautifully honest. How much does he care? Enough to say that he is more proud of his gay activism than his acting.

I could go on and on… How he’s the only guy I’ve fancied who’s younger than me… How I’ve always wanted an anchor tattoo too… How good he looks in a suit… How I just want to Eskimo kiss the little patch of chest hair he has… How I could show him a thing or two, and often dream of him showing me things…

The fact is he could get it because his passions and beliefs are more beautiful than him. Fuck Peeta Mellark, I choose Josh Hutcherson.


Also, find Lydia’s review of Red Dawn here and her blog here – for all your Russ Meyer/sexploitation/wrestling/filmy goodness.

Want more J-Hutch? Check out Detention (2011). Our recommendation.


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