The Veronica Mars Movie Via Kickstarter

'Veronica Mars' Season 3 CastThis is just a short and sweet post to highlight anyone who hasn’t seen the announcement that we may be actually getting a Veronica Mars movie. Finally. Through the wonder of kickstarter. Personally I am way too excited about this. But a little annoyed that barring the first donation amount all the “goodies” are only shipped to the US. This saddens me. But us outside of the US can still donate and get this amazing film made. Click on the kickstarter page for all the information, plus an amazing video made by many of the cast – just watch to see who.

LoVe forever.

Update: The aim was met in less than 12 hours. A movie is now confirmed! The funding will remain open and they’re also working towards getting rewards for outside the US – hell yes. The UK doesn’t even have R2 Veronica Mars DVDs on sale so we need this at least!

S x


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