My Current Addiction


Oh, it’s a super special ‘My Current Addiction’ post this time… it’s a joint effort by Sophia and Helen…

The topic of this post took me a little by surprise. Its the American TV show Nashville.  I had heard good things about the show but I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it. I like country music moderately – the commercial Lady Antebellum, The Wreckers, some of Michelle Branch’s music. None of that makes me a specific fan of country music. Then there’s the cast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Connie Britton in anything (I haven’t imdb’d her yet either…) and Hayden Panettiere annoyed the hell out of me in Heroes so I didn’t have amazing expectations…

I was wrong. From the moment Connie Britton and Charles Esten sang “No One Will Ever Love You” I was hooked. The music got me first and then I fell for some of the characters – particularly Deacon and Juliette. If you haven’t given it a chance I beg you to. Even if you don’t like country music, it’s about the relationships and struggles. Everyone can relate – but maybe not to all the “money” problems faced by millionaires…

Here’s one of my favourite songs from the show. “Undermine”:

S x


Right, so a couple of weeks ago my friend urged me to watch the show, after I’d mentioned on Twitter that I was interested from the trailers.  She convinced me, so I hit up 4oD and tried to watch the first episode, but when even the adverts couldn’t pull their shit together to play properly I downloaded whatever was available from EZTV.

That’s how I managed to watch the entire first season (so far) in one week.  Oops.  But the show is THAT GOOD!  I’m sitting there watching it, thinking Connie Britton is 100 times more likeable than she was in American Horror Story, and that Hayden Panettiere is actually not a terrible singer, and then five minutes later I’m trying to get the songs out of my head.  Country has music never been so catchy – people don’t realise the weird tastes that Anglo Indian people have in music, and that’s never more true than seeing my mum’s side of the family at a party; an Anglo Indian party will feature 5% rock’n’roll, 5% soul, 30% reggae, and 80% country music.  And yes, those statistics are mathematically correct.

The song that hooked both Sophia and me from episode one:

And the other song that damn well got stuck in my head:

The Rayna vs Juliette bitchiness is amazing, and the smouldering chemistry between both Rayna and her long-term musical partner Deacon, and the newcomers to country music songwriting Scarlett and Gunnar (believe me when I say this: you will want to touch Gunnar. You will want to touch him so, so much) is so enticing, you really desperately want them to get together.  And who knew that this cheeky guy would end up playing such a brooding hunk?

One more point to end on – the show features Rayna’s two daughters, who are played by real-life sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella.  These girls are internet celebrities in their own right.  Don’t believe me? Check out their covers on Youtube.  You won’t believe that they’re not even teenagers yet and have so much damn talent…


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