Superhero Saturday: Misty Knight

Oh it's you, Misty, it's definitely you

Oh it’s you, Misty, it’s definitely you

Misty Knight is one of the lesser known Marvel comic book characters, but she is by no means less awesome.

While working as a police officer for the NYPD, Mercedes “Misty” Knight was seriously injured in a bomb attack and as a result she had to have her arm amputated. However, she got it replaced with a badass bionic one (designed by Stark International) that gave her superhuman strength and now she uses it to fight against the forces of eeeviiiiiilll!

Misty Knight was created in the 1970s by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones. Since then she has appeared in a few X-Men comics and had major parts in comics such as Daughters of the Dragon (2005) (in which she appears with her friend and partner in crime-fighting, Colleen Wing) and Heroes for Hire (2006). And this year (a couple of weeks ago actually), she was in The Fearless Defenders with a new partner, Valkyrie. She even makes an appearance in the video game Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I won’t say in what capacity, as it’s a bit spoilery!

misty knoght 2

In my opinion there aren’t that many black female comic book characters around, so Misty Knight really stood out for me because of that, and because of her inner (as well as outer) strength and her iconic look – it’s eye-catching and not overly sexy, a very rare thing in comic books. I think she’s someone that you can look up to. Everyone needs a Misty Knight!

There are many successful superhero films around at the moment, and I would absolutely love to make a film about her in the future (the very distant future!). And if I could cast any actress in the world, it would probably be my one true girl crush, Sanaa Lathan, as she’s got a sort of ‘tough cookie’ look about her, which is what I think Misty Knight has. But one can dream!

2008 Sundance Film Festival - "A Raisin in the Sun" Portraits




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