Red Carpet Watch: The Costume Designers Guild Awards

More award ceremonies, but this one is my favourite: the Costume Designers Guild Awards. A whole awards ceremony dedicated to the art of costume design. The awards look at all films, television shows and adverts with specific categories for contemporary costume design. The design side that gets nearly always overlooked at the other award ceremonies.

The winners of last night are:

Excellence in Contemporary Film

Jany Temime for Skyfall


Excellence in Period Film

Jacqueline Durran for Anna Karenina

(And don’t forget the Ham House exhibition is still on. I haven’t made it there yet sadly. I will!)

'Anna Karenina'

Excellence in Fantasy Film

Eiko Ishioka for Mirror Mirror

'Mirror Mirror'

Outstanding Contemporary Television Series

Molly Maginnis for Smash


Outstanding Period/Fantasy Television Series

Caroline McCall for Downton Abbey

(Just a quote I love from McCall: “One of the great things about working [in costume design] is working with hugely talented creative makers and milliners, so thank you to them as well”.)

'Downton Abbey'

Outstanding Made for Television Movie or Miniseries

Lou Erich for American Horror Story: Asylum

'American Horror Story: Asylum'

Excellence in Commercial Costume Design

Judianna Makovsky for Captain Morgan Black

Lacoste Spotlight Award

Anne Hathaway

Distinguished Collaborator Award

Lorne Michaels

Career Achievement in Film

Judianna Makovsky

Career Achievement in Television

Eduardo Castro

Distinguished Service Award

David Le Vey

And the red carpet of the evening:

Lily Collins wearing Paule Ka.

Lily Collins wearing Paule Ka. Collins wearing a bow as a reference to Mirror Mirror and the late costume designer Eiko Ishioka. I really like this dress – the structure of the bow, and in white fabric, is a great contrast with the clinging black dress. Beautiful.

Christa B. Allen wearing Rafael Cennamo Couture.

Christa B. Allen wearing Rafael Cennamo Couture. I don’t know how I feel about this dress. Half of me absolutely loves it, half thinks its too much. I love the silhouette of the dress but maybe it’s because there’s too much texture? If the bodice didn’t have embroidery maybe I’d like it more? Or if the skirt had a plain fabric. It really is a great shape though.

Ashley Madekwe wearing J.Mendel.

Ashley Madekwe wearing J.Mendel. I hate the shoes. Hate. Otherwise, I’m not sure. I really like the print and I guess mid-driffs on show is in this season…it just doesn’t seem ‘right’ at an awards ceremony though… On the other hand, the fabric is absolutely beautiful.

Kristen Wiig.

Kristen Wiig. A classic simple white dress – with some amazing shoulder pads to give some extra structure. There is nothing wrong with a simple look. The white nail varnish is definitely giving me 90s flashbacks though.

Anne Hathaway wearing Gucci.

Anne Hathaway wearing Gucci. This dress is really interesting. I think I like it. Even though it’s got a lot going on – the texture of the dress itself and the cut-out decorated neckline. But the 60s minidress feel is reflected in Hathaway’s make-up and I like that kind of detail.

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing Nonoo and Josh Dallas wearing Ermenegildo Zegna.

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing Nonoo and Josh Dallas wearing Ermenegildo Zegna. I really love Goodwin’s dress. And this surprises me. Yes, it’s red and I love red but I like the fit of it as well. The sheen of the fabric is really nice and even the sheer stripes at the bottom are pretty cool – they work because the rest of the dress is so covered up. And I love Dallas’ suit. It’s midnight blue, three-piece, he’s got a pocket square and a bow tie. Well done sir.

Maya Rudolph.

Maya Rudolph. I know Rudolph’s pregnant and dressing for events like this is difficult (I guess, having no personal experience). She definitely looks better than some of Kate Hudson’s pregnancy outfits but the pattern is just too much. There is a lot to the dress and there’s a lot to the pattern. I think if the dress was plain or if the pattern was on a specific part or something then it would’ve looked better. The asymmetrical neckline and sleeve is interesting though.

Amy Poehler wearing Prada.

Amy Poehler wearing Prada. I wasn’t sure about this dress at first but I’ve decided that I’m a fan. It’s the shoulders/cape thing that won me over. It’s so unusual that it just raises the rest of the dress. And I love her earrings and shoes.

Madeleine Crowe.

Madeleine Crowe. This bodice is a little bit too underwear-y for my liking. But it is sort of evened out with the long black skirt. The skirt section I like. The bodice? Not so much. She’s looked better as Victoria Grayson.

Famke Janssen.

Famke Janssen. This is a beautiful dress. The colour, the construction, the flare at the front to disguise a sexy slit. All incredible.

Ashley Madekwe and Gabriel Mann.

Ashley Madekwe and Gabriel Mann. Mann can pull off a double-breasted suit just like Nolan. (Hannah – has he worn a double-breasted suit in Revenge? I feel certain that he must have!) Great colour, a nice blue shirt (even if the white collar does make me think of Wall Street a little bit…), a pocket square and a stripy tie. I approve. And I generally don’t like double-breasted suits. (And don’t forget to catch up with Happy Nolan Day!)

S x


One thought on “Red Carpet Watch: The Costume Designers Guild Awards

  1. Ah, Gabriel Mann looks great! I don’t believe he has worn a double breasted suit before – a waistcoat, yes, but not a suit. I’m impressed!


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